Email Marketing – Succeeding Today (April 2022)

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that you can use. It allows you to reach a large number of people with your message, and it also allows you to track the results so that you can see how well your campaign is doing.


Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending emails to potential and existing customers.

Email marketing can promote and sell your solutions, develop relationships, and share company news with interested parties.

How do you grow your email list?

While the size of your email address is not as important as the quality of your subscribers, it does matter.


How do you grow your email list?

Email Capture Forms

Email forms can be an easy-to-create and set up solution for marketers looking to grow their email list.

Gated forms

Many sites put email capture forms in front of downloadable content such as guides, checklists, and analyst reports, requiring viewers to provide their email addresses to access the content.

This approach is called gated content and can work very well.

Note that we do not love the approach philosophically and do not use gated content on our website.

の詳細については、こちらをご覧ください。 best landing page builders 今すぐ

Pop-ups and Slide-ins

Other sites, Trust Enablement as an example, use pop-ups and slide-ins to gather email addresses.

We take a hybrid approach, often showing the popup as readers load an article.

While the content is not gated, users feel more compelled to share their email addresses, and we have seen excellent returns from this simple approach.

Buying email lists

Buying lists is a controversial approach, but buying email addresses MAY be an option.

Note: Privacy laws and regulations are ever-changing and beyond the scope of our article. However, depending on your audience, you may be breaking laws and face stiff fines with this approach.

Our recommendation, avoid buying email lists.

Renting email lists

Renting is similar to buying an email list, with one key difference.

With this method, you are paying the email list owner to send your message to their subscribers.

As long as the list owner has captured these email addresses legally and your message is relevant to their audience, this can provide value to their audience, the list owner, and yourself.

What are some good email marketing platforms?

There are several different email marketing platforms that you can use to send your emails.

Here are our favorite platforms.



Trust Enablementは、この技術を使用しています。

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Hubspot Marketing Hub

Marketing Hubでは、すべてのマーケティングツールとデータが、使いやすい強力なプラットフォーム上で利用できます。貴重な時間を節約し、適切な顧客を引き付けてコンバージョンにつなげるパーソナライズされた体験を提供するために必要なすべてのコンテキストを大規模に取得することができます。さらに、マーケティングハブはHubSpot CRMプラットフォームの一部として構築されているため、マーケティング担当者はデータをあらゆる業務の中心に据えておくことができます。CRMプラットフォーム全体を使用することで、マーケティング担当者は営業との比類ない連携を実現し、ROIの証明と投資の妥当性の確認を行うことができます。

彼らの作品を見る Trust Enablementプロファイル 或いは...



彼らの作品を見る Trust Enablementプロファイル 或いは...




彼らの作品を見る Trust Enablementプロファイル 或いは...


7 Best Practices for Effective Emails

We will build out more details for these and add more best practices, but for now, here is our list of best practices.

  • A strong subject line – grab your reader’s attention.
  • Emails should be no longer than necessary – deliver value and move on.
  • Use images, but not too many.
  • CTAs (call-to-actions) – if your goal is for the reader to do something, make it clear.
  • Personalize your emails – but understand your data quality first. Including a reader’s first name only looks good if you have their first name and not garbage data in your system.
  • Test your emails – send them to yourself before blasting them out to your email list.
  • Measure results – you should send every email for a specific purpose. Did you achieve those results?


We will continue to update this guide and look forward to your feedback on what we should include.