Partecipante per le Americhe - Shannon Hempel, M.Ed. - Q4 2022

Partecipante delle Americhe - 4° trimestre 2022

Shannon Hempel, M.Ed.

Shannon Hempel, M.Ed.

Developer | Coach | Maximizer

Shannon spent the first part of her career in the public education sector, where she created innovative technology learning programs to increase success for all learning styles. When she tackled the next phase of her career, she used her human learning expertise and Masters in Instructional Design to break into the Enablement industry when the definition was still up for discussion. Over the past eight years, she’s built three separate enablement department functions from the ground up in Digital Marketing, Cloud, and SaaS industries.

Shannon co-founded Women in Sales Enablement (WiSE) with 20+ global chapters and a mission to bring women together in authentic and supportive environments to develop personally and professionally. She brings this same passion to coaching, where she uses behavioral analysis to help women advance their careers.

Shannon is a Certified Consultant in DISC, a 2022 Winner of “Women Making an Impact in Enablement” and has been and on multiple podcasts, including Sales Enablement Pro and The Collaborator discussing enablement best practices.

What Session is Shannon Leading?

Shannon will be leading a session on Enablement Leadership and behavioral analysis.


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