Hyperise Review – What You Need To Know (July 2022)

Hyperise is the personalization solution every marketing team wishes they had for images, videos, and websites.

With Hyperise, engineers and developers are not required to personalize your websites and SaaS applications, designers and marketers can now do it on their own.

And you can easily personalize images and videos whether they are on your website, in email, or elsewhere.

Who Uses Hyperise?

Some Hyperise Customers

Note: We don’t actually show as a customer on their website for everyone. However, since they know who we are, the home screen is personalized for us and we see our logo.


Walking Through Hyperise

We love how easy it is to personalize your website with Hyperise, so let’s walk through the process.

Setting Up

Your engineering team will have to help you one time, after that, you have the power to personalize on your own.

When you navigate to the Website section of Hyperise after the first login, you will need to add your website, which will then show similar to this.


And the “Copy Website Snippet” button, when clicked, will provide you with JavaScript code your developers will need to insert into the HTML HEAD section of your pages.

Again, once they do this, you are in full control of personalization and don’t need to work with your technical resources.

Let’s Skip to the Personalization piece, this is where it gets really good.

Personalizing your websites and SaaS applications

From your Chrome browser, install the Hyperise Chrome Extension.

Log into your account via the extension, and let’s look at your website — we’ll walk you through with Trust Enablement.

Personalizing the Trust Enablement Home page with Hyperise


Notice, in the middle of the page, the red text that states “{{first_name}}, Welcome Back!”.  We added this by hovering over the webpage and clicking on a section and then choosing the editor icon (</>) in the upper corner of the screen.

Before we go there, however, note:

Managing Page-Level Changes

The center of the top of the page shows “1 Personalization Change”.  Hyperise keeps track of our customizations on each page, so you can always use this as a reminder of the work you have done.

And, when you click on that text, it shows you all the personalizations you’ve done, like this.

Showing me the personalizations I've done.



Note the mention of Default Personalization Segment.    Selecting this text will allow you to jump through the various audience segments you have set up and the personalizations for each.

Editing and Adding Personalizations

Let’s personalize an area.  We select the text stating “Trust Enablement – The Home of Go-to-Market Professionals”, and click on the Edit icon (</>).  

The screen refreshes, showing us:

Personalizing a section of the page.

Note:  People only see personalized updates IF you know about them already, so don’t worry about users having bad experiences.

  • Tags are personalized strings, replaced in your text based on who is viewing your website.
  • The Edit HTML box does take HTML, so have fun with it.

For example, if we want to personalize this text to add something ” . People like you and your teammates from…”, we simply update HTML to something like this:

Trust Enablement – The Home of Go-to-Market Professionals. <strong>People like you, {{first_name}}, and your teammates from {{business_name}}</strong>

the screen shows:

 personalized block of text

Let’s hit the Save button and go test this.

Note, hit Save, click on the extension button again, and you are back into normal browsing mode.

Since Hyperise doesn’t know us yet, the screen updates to show the experience of someone who we don’t know.

Non personalized

As desired, all of our customizations are not shown.

Let’s test our customizations, though.  We can do this by adding a query string.  In this case, append [email protected] to our home page URL, changing it to:


You should see something like this now.


Since we know who Ian is, and the fact that he works at Hyperise, we now see our personalization.

Let’s do one more thing.  I’m not a fan of this exact text, so let’s make one final adjustment.

Note: I changed the original text, removed the period, and updated it to flow slightly better.

Final thoughts

Setting up the personalization in Hyperise is trivial, even we could do it.  

You will need to ensure you are tracking users via cookies in the right way, but this is either something you are already doing or easily adjusted by chatting with the Hyperise team first.

And remember, you can use it for personalizing images and videos, giving your sales teams another tool to stand out from the crowd.

Either way, give this a try, your marketing, usability, experience, and design teams will love it!

Cons of Hyperise

We have seen site performance issues with Hyperise.  While not significant, when testing, we did see pages draw, disappear, and then repaint with the actual text.  This is something you should test carefully when deploying any personalization solutions.


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Hyperise has multiple paid options, for images, websites, and videos.


Create personalized images to use in your outreach.


  • 5,000 Impressions
  • 5 Live Image Templates
  • Custom Image Domain
+ Websites

Personalize your outreach images and your existing website.


  • 10,000 Impressions
  • 10 Live Image Templates
  • Custom Image Domain
  • 1 Website
+ Videos

Create personalized and interactive videos, plus image and website personalization.


  • 15,000 Impressions
  • 15 Live Image & Video Templates
  • Custom Image Domain
  • 1 Website

You can buy additional packages for IP address looksups, an Agency package, and a White label package.

Hyperise Pricing

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