How to run effective sales meetings using Showell

Showell product screenshotOne of your primary paths to revenue is the sales meeting, so we want to write a how-to, for each vendor that has given us access to their platforms, How Tos that cover how to do so effectively with each platform.

Note: Consider reading our article on how to have effective sales meetings, generally, over on Trust Enablement.

Note: Always use a product like Calendly to simplify meeting set up with prospects. And always use Grammarly to ensure your emails are rock solid.

How to run effective sales meetings using Showell

Sales meetings have three primary stages:  Preparation, Delivery, and Follow-up.  Let’s cover each of these stages using Showell.

For this article we are only focusing on aspects of meeting preparation related to the application, other key processes are not discussed here.

Note: We are using Showell’s Free application via a web browser.  They have a mobile application that works in the same manner as what is described here.

Preparing For Effective Sales Meetings Using Showell

Effective meeting preparation should include organizing the files and presentations you are planning to share during the sales meeting.

It should also include having easy access to the content you need as a result of unexpected questions.

Let’s look at both.

Showell's Desktop MenuThe desktop menu makes it easy to find the files and presentations you use most often, as well as to organize the content for your upcoming meeting.

In the screen shot above, you can see a past presentation I delivered through Sales Hacker as well as a sample file.

Organizing our presentation (what we plan to walk through during the meeting), begins with uploading files we will need first.

The Showell My Files UI

As you can see in the above screen shot, I’ve currently uploaded only two files, the PowerPoint I referred to previously and an image.  I can use the Tools menu to change the view to a grid view or stay with the list view I prefer.

Using the + menu in the bottom right I can create folders for organization, or upload new files from my desktop.

Okay, let’s dive into the important part, creating my presentation for the meeting.

My presentations in Showell

Presentation Creation in ShowellNote that you see presentations you have previously created, or you can use the plus sign above the menu to create a new presentation.

When I choose the + menu, a new area opens up on the right side of the menu (see to the right).

The Insert option opens a new window which allows you to navigate through the Showell file structure

As you navigate the structure, you can select one or more files, of different types, to construct you presentation.

In the example that I’ll show you momentarily, I added a PowerPoint, Excel, Image, PDF, and Video file.

When finished, select Done, give the presentation a name, and you are ready for your meeting.

Delivering Effective Sales Meetings Using Showell

As noted above, we are not diving into all the aspects of delivering great sales meetings, just what it takes to deliver effective sales meetings using Showell.

If you have followed along with the above, you are aware of how to navigate the Showell menu to reach your presentations.  You also know that you could use the desktop or mobile application for presenting to your prospects.

Let’s explore this briefly.

Presenting content during sales meetings using Showell

You can see that the user interface is clean — that top menu disappears if you don’t have the mouse hovering over it.

Beyond presenting by navigating the slides, what else can you do while in presentation mode.

  • You can go full screen or stay in this mode.
  • You can Share from here — which we will discuss in meeting follow up below.
  • You can draw on the slide with built-in drawing tools.
  • You can leave notes to refer back to after the meeting.

Meeting Following Up With Showell

Meeting follow-up from Showell happens through the Share menu option we reference above.  Under that option you can copy the link, open an email directly in your mail client, or use the Advanced option to get a more robust set of options.

Following up on sales meetings using Showell presents you with this dialog when using the Advanced choice.

The options are sufficient for small businesses, but mid-sized businesses definitely need this information written to their CRM.  The paid option of Showell has a Salesforce integration which MAY handle this, we do not currently know for certain.

The options, which you can see on the screenshot, are:

  • Expiration Date.  Set a date after which the presentation is no longer available.
  • PIN.  Set a security code required to access the content.
  • Download Files.  Companies that care about brand and compliance will need to turn this option off.
  • Ask for email.  For tracking purposes, you can require the person opening the content to enter their email address.

Once the content has been shared, you want to understand if it is resonating with clients.  This is where the  Share reporting comes in.  Again, for small businesses this will be sufficient, but for businesses looking to maximize seller time and ensure they are focused on the best opportunities, this may fall short for your needs.

Reporting on sales meeting using Showell is done via the My Shares menu option, see below.

Reporting on sales meeting using Showell is done via the My Shares menu option

Sellers can scan this list to see which shares are being interacted with — a guide for them to determine who to connect with next.

And, by clicking on each share in the menu, they get access to view the share details, edit the access permissions discussed above, and take a deeper look at the analytics, showing them the number the number of unique viewers, what content was viewed, and so forth.

Reporting details to use after your sales meetings using Showell


We have chosen Showell as one of our Best Sales Tools for Small Business.  If you are a small business, looking for a solution like this, we hope this information has helped you in making the right decision for your business.

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