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How to increases content marketing ROI with Enablement

You’ve heard it before — you waste half of your investment in marketing, and it is even worse when you look at your content marketing ROI.

This is your content marketing ROI without EnablementThe problem?

You don’t know which half until you spend it and analyze the results.

And — it gets worse.

If you review my top Enablement statistics, you will see that 65% of all content created for sales is never used.

And, given that, on average, 26% of the marketing team’s budget is spent on content, we are talking about a lot of wasted time and money.

You know there is a better way, of course, or you would not be reading this in the first place.

What follows are three tips to increase the ROI of your content marketing using Enablement.

#1 The Sales Content Audit

I have seen companies with more than $10,000,000 of wasted investment in sales content.

The way out is simple — a sales content audit.

Many companies fall into the trap of blindly creating content without considering the WHY they need it, WHAT will be most effective in the field, and HOW the sellers and customers want to use it.

#2 Tying Content Marketing ROI to Deals

Most likely, if you are a content marketer, you are already measuring deal attribution for the content on your website.

Are you doing the same for the sales content you create?

If you have an Enablement solution that integrates with your CRM, you may already know the impact.

However, even without a fully integrated solution, you can partner with your operations and sales leadership team to ask sellers to include what content they used during a deal cycle.

#3 The Win-Loss Analysis

If you know me, you knew this had to make our list of methods to increase your content marketing ROI.

The win-loss analysis provides you with additional visibility from everyone involved in the deal, including, hopefully, the customer.

Make the win-loss analysis a core component of your Enablement program and successfully measure content marketing ROI.

#4 Measuring Content Marketing ROI Requires Discipline

If you want to be successful in measuring the ROI of these efforts:

  • Have a documented intake process for content requests.
  • The process should clarify WHY the content is needed, HOW it will be used, and what monetary impact it could have (can you tie it to a deal or set of opportunities).

At first, your teammates are going to resist or push back. Without being a jerk, explain why you are asking these questions and document the best guess you have on potential monetary impact.

If you have enablement tools to measure the ROI, measurement should be easy. If not, once a month, take time to review each of these requests with the original requestor. Confirm the content was used against any deal(s) and track their progress.

If they close, 

  • Ask the seller what role the content played in the deal.
  • Document, email, and slack the team to share the content success story, the dollar value, and quote your seller.
  • Include the information in your status report up your leadership chain and maintain a running total of revenue influenced by your content.

Show your value in terms of revenue coming into the business. The marketing team, and the entire business, will appreciate you helping them demonstrate content marketing ROI.

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