How do you Deliver Effective Training?

Our community is amazing and, over the course of the interview series we have captured a number of amazing tips on how to deliver effective training.

As always, this is a work in progress and does not fully represent all the insights gathered to date, there is lots of work to do. 🙂

Build Enablement Training based upon User Needs, not Assumptions

I really hate calling this one out but the reality is too many training programs are built in isolation based upon what people ASSUME end-users need.

Laura Wheatley is the Global Enablement Director at Quantum.  In her session discussing how she approaches sales training, she spoke about how she schedules time to walk the floor and see how people are doing, what pain points they are working to overcome. This builds relationships and identifies opportunities for improvements.

Enablement Training Needs to Leverage Blended Learning

Yean Feng Yue is the AP Leader, IBM University Programs and Sales Enablement, AP CMO, IBM Global Financing for IBM.  She joined The Collaborator to chat about IBM and Skillsfuture’s initiative to equip Singaporeans with the skills to contribute to the digital economy. In her conversation on How IBM is Engaging and Enabling the Workforce of the Future, she spoke about how this approach is being used in Singapore.

Enablement Training must be Engaging

Amanda Gaube is the Manager of Sales Strategy and Enablement at Zscaler.   In her session she discussed building engaging sales training experiences, noting the importance of using design thinking principles. Peel back beyond the surface need stated, or unstated.  For example, your new product may not be selling well…  Why?  Lack of product training?  Lack of pricing clarity?  Dig in until you get to the root issue and then try to fix the root cause, not the symptom.

Amanda Yanushefski is the Revenue Enablement Manager at 15Five and she also tackled the importance of keeping training engaging. Amanda noted the importance of using tools to help teams prepare for the training (give assignments like come prepared with a deal to work on) to free people up for deeper conversation during the sessions.

Enablement Training needs to be delivered in the way the user requires

Kathryn Fish is the Sales Enablement Director at Invoca and she shared the importance of the Whole Brain Thinking Model. Like DISC and Meyers Briggs, it provides insights on how people think, learn, and communicate, providing important guidance into what your teams need from you in terms of approach and information.

Enablement Training must help build key competencies

Kayde Givens, Director of Sales Enablement at, shared insights on key competencies as well as how to leverage them as part of hiring and training your teams. Kayde has also shared a competency scoring framework template for the use of the community.

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