Guide: Installing and Configuring the Lusha Hubspot integration

Lusha is a solid prospecting platform tool that users can leverage to get contact information from LinkedIn (and LinkedIn Sales Navigator), as well as from their own system. Hubspot is a good CRM and Marketing Automation platform. Your prospectors need efficiency, and synchronizing the contact details efficiently via the Lusha Hubspot integration is critical for this need.

This article will walk you through setting up this integration between the platforms.


Setting up the Hubspot Lusha Integration

We start our journey inside of Lusha inside the Integrations menu.

The Lusha Hubspot Integration Setup begins inside of Lusha

Click on Connect (for Hubspot and a new popup window will be displayed.

Note: If you have access to multiple Hubspot instances, you will have to choose which instance of Hubspot you are installing the integration into first.

The webpage will refresh and will then show you the permissions screen.

The Hubspot Lusha Integration asks for you to approve permissions

Note: Hubspot has not reviewed or approved the Lusha Hubspot integration. We would typically warn clients against using Unverified integrations.

Choose Connect app.

The page reloads and Lusha Hubspot integration is now set up.  As it reloads, it now shows a popup prompting you to go to LinkedIn, or learn more.

The integration is in place -- let's go to LinkedIn

That’s it for this article.  Stay tuned as we will be sharing more about Lusha in future articles.

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