Guide: Connecting and Configuration the Totango Hubspot Integration

Totango is a customer success platform. Hubspot is both a CRM and Marketing Automation tool. Connecting them can open up your eyes to what’s happening with your customer base on your digital properties and beyond. That is where the Totango Hubspot integration comes into play.

What’s more, the two platforms each have a FREE plan, so small business owners or anyone on a tight tech budget can take advantage of modern revenue tools without breaking the bank.

This article assumes you already have both platforms set up for your business; we won’t cover those details. 

This article will focus on how to install and configure this integration.

Setting up the Hubspot Totango Integration

Connecting Totango and Hubspot

We start our journey inside our Hubspot instance over in the Hubspot Marketplace. Search for Totango, and it will show right up as the only option.

The Totango Hubspot integration is available in the Hubspot Marketplace

Click on Totango and choose the Install App option in the upper right corner of Hubspot.

This integration setup is straightforward as the next thing that happens is Totango opens up in a new browser tab on its Hubspot Totango Integration page, where you will see the following.

The Hubspot Totango integration shows up like this.

Simply click on the CONNECT button, add an optional description first if you choose (there is no need to), and a new popup window will open.

Note: If you have access to multiple Hubspot instances, you will have to choose which instance of Hubspot you are installing the integration into first.

Now, the window will show you the standard permissions screen.

The Hubspot integration inside of Totango requires you to approve permissions

Choose Connect App, and the connection is created.

Choosing what data you want to connect between the systems

When you choose Connect App in the last section, the popup will close, and the Totango Admin screen will now show something like this.

What data do you want to sync between Totango and Hubspot?

For this walkthrough, choose Accounts.

And now, here is where our Hubspot and Totango admins have to be careful, fully understanding the reason for setting the integration for the business in the first place.

The displayed screen is long; we will explain it through screenshots, section by section on this single integration page.

The data source section of the Totango Hubspot integration

This section allows the administrator to choose what Hubspot object they want to sync, in this case, defaulting to companies as we decided at the beginning of the process and what data from the object to synchronize into Totango.

A full breakdown of the various objects and object fields is beyond the scope of this document, but anyone wanting to learn more should review this documentation on the Hubspot website.

The next section of the page is where you specify field mappings.

Specifying field mappings in the Hubspot Totango integration

In general, you will not change this unless you have customized either system with custom fields.

You MUST choose the VALIDATE MAPPING button to set up the sync. Click on that now, and we hope you see “Validation Succeeded.”

Below this section of the page is a Preview of the first ten rows of data from the Hubspot data source you selected — in other words, in this example, ten companies we have in our Hubspot instance.

The next section of this page is Settings.

The Settings section of the integration

The name and description come from what you provided during setup. Do not change either of the other settings unless you first consult with experts from Totango and Hubspot about your specific setup and your rationale for wanting to change these.

The final section is Scheduling.

Scheduling the Totango Hubspot sync schedule

You can schedule a one-time sync, daily, weekly, and so forth. For many businesses, once daily will suffice.

Now choose the SAVE AND SYNC button at the bottom of the page. The page refreshes to show you this.

The Hubspot Totango integration is now ready to run.

Note: The initial run fires off reasonably quickly. However, the duration of the sync depends on the amount of data you have in your Hubspot instance.

Note: Totango will send you an email when the sync begins and when it ends.

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