20 Timely Sales Tips From Across The Globe (June 2022)

18 Timely Sales Tips From Across The Globe (June 2022)

Throughout the month of June, we reached out to people in sales roles to ask them for their best B2B sales tips right now.

And people responded with some great ideas.

We found it fascinating that several people shared similar ideas, but decided to share each tip. Sometimes, seeing the same idea from multiple people resonates even more.

Each person was kind enough to allow us to link back to their LinkedIn profile. If you want to follow up with them to learn more, do so, we know they would love to converse with anyone about these topics.

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Timely Sales Tips from The Sales Pros

Richard Weintraub
Richard Weintraub
, Consultant, Franchise Broker for Entrepreneurs and Veterans

Be as succinct as possible in your B-to-B communication. Assume people are busy, distracted, and won’t take the time to read anything too lengthy. You can always provide more information if necessary.


Adam WeekesAdam Weekes
, Regional Sales Manager, EMEA

Build honest relationships with customers.

We should want to help them get the results they want. Customers are less interested in the product but more in the positive business outcomes. 

Our products/solutions may only help solve part of their problem; help them solve the other parts too.


Damien Pigott
Damien Pigott
Global Sales Productivity Manager JAPAC

Focus on deepening and developing your level of business acumen. Each business, industry, and vertical has a certain nuance that makes it completely unique. Powerful questioning, effective use of social platforms, and researching industry groups and conferences, are methods that will instill a level of confidence in both your preparation and in your prospect meetings. 

Let me give you an example, I have never seen a game of ice hockey live. If I was asked to attend a game of ice hockey with a friend, I would familiarize myself with the fundamentals of the game. Would I be an expert commentator or team selector? Of course not. But if I heard words mentioned I would be able to ask more, seek further clarification and display genuine interest.

Similarly in B2B sales. Business is changing, the economy is changing, and sales can be challenging. Ensuring you have a relevant level of business acumen is not only respectful of the prospect’s time but also enables you to take your conversation to a richer level, enabling you to discover any underlying gain that engaging with you and your company will bring.

Eric Myers-Tayne
Eric Myers-Tayne
, Enterprise Account Executive

Timing and persistence are the most important parts of generating opportunities. All of the personalization and research in the world won’t matter if you don’t time your messaging for your prospect for when they’ll actually see it.

This is what makes persistence so important.  Timing can be a matter of luck, but by being persistent you can create your own luck and vastly increase your chances of accurately timing your outreach.


Jonathan M Kvarfordt, MBA
Jonathan M Kvarfordt, MBA
, Senior Director of Enablement

Clear expectations cannot be understated in importance. People want to know where they stand positively or negatively. Be active in giving feedback and let people know where they stand, what they can improve on, and make sure they have clear expectations for salary reviews, goals attainment, and overall career path.


Liz Heiman
Liz Heiman, CEO and Chief Sales Strategist

Truly earning trust isn’t easy.  To establish trust you either have to prove you are trustworthy or be introduced by someone who is already trusted. If you want to build trust in a sales environment, start by being curious, compassionate, and creative. 

People want to be heard and understood. They want to know that you are interested in hearing their story and helping them find a solution. Standard questions and pat answers aren’t sufficient to build trust. Ask questions, listen to the answers, ask more questions based on the answers they gave, and work together to find creative ways to solve the problems at hand. 

People don’t trust people who don’t care.  You build trust when you care more about the client than your commission.

Brent Boeckman
Brent Boeckman
, Head of B2B Enablement

How you sell should be your leading differentiation. People don’t want to buy from well-skilled salespeople, they want human interaction. They want to know they aren’t being goated into something they don’t need. Be human, be authentic, and don’t be afraid to step out of the “seller role”.


Tim Stansky
Tim Stansky
, Global Sales Enablement, and Training Manager

Day-of-call prep has to include a check on the customer/prospect’s business vital signs. Helps your approach and empathy.

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    Eddie Carvallo
    Eddie Carvallo
    , Regional Account Manager

    In a world where decisions are being made by a group (not a single individual) or a committee, we as salespeople should be asking “who can I influence? “ in addition to “what problem can I solve?”


    Chris White
    Chris White
    , Founder, CEO, and Author

    As sales professionals, we are “guilty until proven innocent” in the eyes of prospects and customers.  Meaning they tend to naturally distrust our motives.  Why?  Because of the commission tied to the recommendations we make.  Truth is, people aren’t resistant to real solutions for real problems.  They just don’t like being sold to.  No one does.  So you want to build trust with prospects and customers?  Demonstrate throughout the sales process that THEY are the priority in the conversation.  It’s not about what we want.  It’s what’s in their best interest.  And speak in such a way that shows you respect their right to choose.  ALWAYS.  Communicate that you recognize their freedom of choice and demonstrate that your number one objective is to help them make the best decision for themselves, and you will feel the trust level elevate.  Not only will you sell more, but you’ll also feel better about your job and your career.   For we are most fulfilled when serving other people.

    Christina Klein, MA
    Christina Klein, MA
    , Vice President Global Channel Partners

    A core value for me is a relationship first – in business especially:  relationship first, transaction second.  Transparency is not just about honesty, it’s about being forthcoming with information that advances the relationship.  Humility allows you to show up with credibility without adopting offensive hubris that damages a relationship.  And curiosity demonstrates a level of interest in others that advances understanding, puts the person you’re engaging within the position of authority and power, allows them to really shine, and most importantly, communicate their needs and priorities so you can build a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Richard Bernstein
    Richard Bernstein
    , Senior Principal Partner Account Manager

    in the immortal words of the Beatles: You get by with a little help from your friends”. Sales is a team sport, and your partners are part of your team. With budgets getting tighter and the economic situation looking bleaker, your partners have potentially deep relationships and skills to help you shine in the tough times. Don’t freeze them out but rather embrace them even more.


    Sarah Gross (Fricke)
    Sarah Gross (Fricke), Senior Director, Global Revenue Enablement

    Remember the prospect or customer is human and has their our connection or drive. It’s our job to uncover that not the product functionality they need.

    Bonus Tip for Enablers: Don’t forget you are still in sales when in an enablement role.


    Britta Lorenz
    Britta Lorenz
    , Partner, Sales Enablement

    Sales is not B2B.

    Sales is not B2C.

    In its purity, it is H2H.

    Today, we have all information needed to make a buying decision at our fingertips through social media, websites always accessible via our devices and ready to purchase.

    Many times it comes to no decision, which is also a decision.

    Don’t we love to interact with real humans?

    And this is exactly why so many times, Sales is not B2B nor B2C. H2H ? Human to Human with genuine, meaningful, and honest, authentic conversations fostering relationships and ultimately leading to business.

    Stay on your toes and keep your eyes open to never forget the human factor.

    Pam Didner
    Pam Didner
    , Marketing Doer, Writer, Podcaster

    If you are supporting sales as a marketer, you need to understand how your salespeople think. Say, you create a buyer persona to show how much you understand your audience. Well, Why don’t you create a salesperson persona to show how much you understand your sales team?

    Use that as a way to start having conversations with your sales. A deep understanding of your salespeople’s challenges, needs, and aspirations will go a long way.


    Antonella Facchini
    Antonella Facchini
    , EMEA Sales and Channel Ops Manager

    Though it seems to be a dying art, the occasional unscheduled phone call can go a long way toward creating connections and strengthening relationships with your prospects and clients. 


    Tom Whalen
    Tom Whalen, Director of Inside Sales – Extended Care

    I want to say my “Best B2B Sales Tip Right Now” is something really over the top!   I want to sound really smart and pretentious like:  “If your prospect doesn’t know you and if you don’t know them it’s a waste of time to even pick up the phone!”   I could then give a sparkly answer about having a remarkable social media presence,  supplementing your calls with video, so your prospect knows you.  Then I’d follow up with something slick about using predictive analytics on the prospect’s company and industry so that you have solid needs assessment strategy for that very first call.   If I said that, “I’d be so cool.”

    Well, I’m not that cool.  My “Best Tip for B2B Sales Right Now” is not sexy and is quite frankly boring:   Stay Positive & Communicate Frequently.  That’s it.   Times are hard. We have inflation, rising fuel costs, supply chain delays, labor shortages, price increases, and economic uncertainty, I could go on; but, I think that is enough.   “Right Now” sales professionals are competing against “The Good Old Days”  a time when things were less volatile,  prices were lower and delivery was faster.    Customers are consistently disappointed and sometimes they’re hostile before you can even utter a word about your value.

    Focus your energy on positive people, constructive self-talk, celebrating small wins, listening to your favorite music, whatever you need to do to keep your spirits up.  Your customers are down and they are calling you for help not to commiserate.

    Let your customers know that can depend on you for regular communication. Provide industry updates, publish and share good content. Regular cold calls and e-mails that add value are okay for prospects.  Even if you’re not telling your customers what they want to hear, they will appreciate that you are responsive and at least are not dodging them.  This should hopefully, put you in a position where you will be remembered when things do eventually get better.

    Campbell Ohrlis
    Campbell Ohrlis
    , Director of Data Onboarding Services
    Six simple ways to sell:
    1. Ask intelligent questions. Not ones with a yes or no, but questions that probe and generate a conversation.
    2. Stop. Let them speak.
    3. Listen – actively. Don’t anticipate what you should say next, listen to what they are saying and not saying.
    4. Smile – genuinely. Not the smarmy smile of a swindler but a smile that builds rapport and trust.
    5. Ask for the sale – ask them how they will use the product/service, and how they or their family will benefit from it. Let them explore how it impacts them and their company on their terms.
    6. Be gracious and wait for their response. Never ask a question and then follow it with another one until you have heard their response. A buyer has a lot to consider before they say yes, if you keep talking you can kill the sale.
    Setting attainable goals

    You have undoubtedly heard of the SMART acronym regarding goals. Have you thought about adding an IE to that acronym?

    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant
    • Time-Bound

    These are the norms, but if you add two more:

    Invested & Emotional

    You gain greater intensity and motivation.

    Invested: what does attaining this accomplish for you? How does meeting this goal affect you? How can your life change if you surpass it?

    Emotional: how does this goal make you feel? What emotions are associated with it? Emotions are powerful tools that we can use in sales, not simply in helping a customer see the value of our offer but in giving ourselves an incentive to complete it. If we are emotional then we FEEL the impact.

    Be a better salesperson by setting goals as a SMARTIE!

    How much do you value a Customer?

    Once you have garnered a new customer, what happens? For many salespeople there is pressure to find new customers, to continue to grow your book of business. And while that is vital, never lose touch with your existing customers. Why?

    It is 5x easier to generate more business with an existing client than it is to win a new customer. Keep your existing customers in your circle of contact so they know you have something more of value to offer. Relationships are key. Develop strong relationships so they trust you and will buy from you again.

    Make relationship building a regular part of your sales process so that you keep your existing customers while growing your overall book.

    How do you build rapport in sales?

    To build rapport in sales, think of how you engage with people in life. It is the same, whether you sell over the phone or in person.

    Here are 6 pointers that can help you make progress:

    1. Be genuine. Ask honest questions that reveal that you are sincerely interested in them.
    2. Be Yourself. Don’t manufacture a persona for your client, they will see through that. Be yourself and they will recognize it.
    3. Be Friendly: smile & make eye contact. If you are on the phone make sure that they hear your smile.
    4. Listen to them. The more they recognize that you re sincerely listening to them the more they will open up to you.
    5. Make a connection through similarities. Find a common ground with them. It could be that your kids are similar ages, or you have similar tastes in music or like the same foods.
    6. Make your compliments honest & genuine. Don’t flatter them unnecessarily. They will see through that is disingenuous. You know if someone is being dishonest with you, be honest in your compliments to them.
    Eight steps to success
    1. Have a great attitude
    2. Be on time
    3. Work your leads correctly
    4. Be prepared
    5. Work a full day
    6. Don’t lose your attitude
    7. Know why you’re here and what you’re doing
    8. Take control

    Alex Ivos
    Alex Ivos
    , Sales Manager

    Lead with empathy. Whether it’s an economic downturn or just a problem your prospect is trying to solve, understand their situation, put yourself in their shoes, and help them solve it.


    John Massey
    , Global Head of Leadership Development, Midmarket Sales

    Use the Trust Equation to help you break down the elements where you can gain or lose trust. Credibility, Reliability, and Intimacy over Self Orientation. John Massey


    What would you add to these sales tips?