Frase Review – Everything You Need To Know (October 2022) is one of the new breed of AI writing solutions and is focused on helping people generate content that ranks quickly.

Frase says “Frase helps you research, write, and optimize content that ranks 1st on Google – in minutes instead of hours.”

October 2022: Frase has joined the Copyrytr family, a new collective of AI Content brands that also includes Rytr and Copysmith.

Who Uses Frase?

30,000+ teams, including teams at Digitas, PTC, Coursera, Talkspace, Merkle, and CareerKarma.

Why Buy Through Trust Enablement?

If you buy Frase through our link:

  • Email us at [email protected] and we will provide you with access to our private Facebook group to support you with tips, tricks, and to overcome any challenges.
  • Train, if desired, your team, on how to use the tools, in a private, Zoom-based training session.

Who Should Use

If the primary source of revenue for your business comes from inbound leads or e-commerce, is a no-brainer.


You will spend approximately $100/month for Frase and will generate more content, better content, faster than you are doing on your own.

Conservatively, you will generate one additional article each week, and each article you write will actually be more likely to rank higher, generating more traffic and revenue.

Let’s keep this very simple, however.

How much revenue does the average article bring to your business?

If each article generates at least $25 in revenue for your business, you break even with the investment. And if you are not earning that much money from each post, you are likely not putting out good content today and should revisit your overall strategy.

We recommend starting with the Basic plan and the SEO Add-on. This gives one user unlimited access to the solution for $79.98/month. Review and Walkthrough

Getting Started

When you first log in, you are presented with a choice: Create new content; Improve existing content.

However, once you start creating content, the initial UI shows a list of content, like this.

Note that Frase allows you to do a number of interesting things.

  • Generate new content.
  • Improve existing content.
  • Develop a content plan.
  • Create a smart chatbot

Let’s quickly explore these.

Generate new content

From this screen, click on “New Document”.

Create a new document

Let’s create a piece of content on “facts about blue whales”, so enter “10 facts about blue whales” for the Target Search Query, and simply create the document.

Note at the top of the new screen I can either create a content brief to give to another writer or generate my content.

creating a new document in

For this walkthrough, let’s click on My Content and we’ll ask Frase to create a listicle for us. The new screen includes a “+” icon in the text area.

Letting do it's thing

Clicking on this exposes a number of options.

  • We could ask to create content based on one of its templates.
  • Insert SERP data like an outline, questions, and statistics.

For now, click on AI Template and search for the Listicle Generator.

The listicle generator template

In the listicle title, enter “10 facts about blue whales” and click on the green button that appears to run the template.

For us, Frase quickly generated an article that looked like this:

1. Blue whales are the largest animals ever known to have existed. They weigh between 100-200 tons and can reach lengths of over 30 feet.

2. Blue whales eat krill, squid, fish, and other small marine life.

3. Their tongue is 40 inches long, but they only use 10% of their mouth area.

4. A female blue whale can give birth to 1 calf every 2 years.

5. Blue whales live in warm waters around the world.

6. There are two species of blue whales: the North Pacific population and the Antarctic population.

7. Blue whales were hunted almost to extinction until commercial whaling was banned in 1986.

8. In captivity, blue whales can live into their 50s and 60s.

9. Blue whales are not related to orcas.

10. Blue whales are named after the color of their skin.

That’s pretty good.

Now, let’s ask Frase to insert some statistics for us.

Click on that plus sign again, and choose SERP Data and Statistics.

We are given an error, telling us we haven’t yet run our SERP analysis. Ah yes…

Lets analyze existing SERP data

On the right side of the user interface, we haven’t yet let do its magic. Click on the green “Let’s go! -> ” button.

Frase goes off and scours the internet to identify all the information it can about our topic.

It finishes the analysis quickly, and now, when we choose the “+” icon, SERP Data, Statistics, it immediately drops in the following facts, along with where it found them:


Factual sentences referenced across top search results:

  • Their growth rate is likely one of the fastest in the animal world, with a several billion-fold increase in tissue in the 18 months from conception to weaning. (
  • From 1904 to 1967, more than 350,000 blue whales were killed in the Southern Hemisphere, according to the World Wildlife Fund. (
  • However, it is also a fact that they have proportionally small brains, about 7 kg (15 pounds), only .007% of their body weight. (
  • In pre-whaling eras, there may have been more than 250,000 blue whales worldwide, but rampant hunting in the 1900s reduced blue whale populations by more than 99 percent. (
  • And despite a global hunting ban in 1966, their population has declined by 70-90 percent in the past 150 years. (
  • The global population of blue whales is uncertain, but based on research from the IUCN, the global total for the species is estimated to be between 10,000-25,000 and classed as endangered. (
  • Pre whaling, there were estimated to be around 240,000 blue whales globally. (
  • The numbers today are estimated to be between 3-11% of the pre-1911 population size. (
  • They use their flippers for maneuvering around under water, but the blue whale flipper is just 12-percent of the overall size of the mammal. (
  • Howeber, studies suggest the risk is still fairly low, and that reducing the speed limit of vessels in shipping lanes helped reduce strikes by 80%.5 Scientific Classification (

You can use this information to enhance your article.

Note: Don’t copy and paste; it’s plagiarism. And it’s sloppy and may contain misspelled words and poor grammar.

You get the idea; you can quickly generate content.

What about updating existing content?

Let’s go back to the main document page.

Update existing content

When we click on the “New Document” button, this time select “Optimize existing content”.

update existing content

We have a lot of great content on the site, but it is always in need of improvement.

Our article, “Psychology In Business: Core Principles To Understand,” is still very light; what can do for us here?

Let’s enter the Import URL:

and set the Target Search Query to “Psychology in business”, then click on the “Create Document” button.

The import process runs, and the tool asks you to confirm the import.

our psychology in business article

This looks good — let’s choose “Confirm Import”.

This new screen looks familiar.

Again, click on the green “Let’s go! ->” button so can analyze what’s ranking today.

how to optimize the article with

Note that the right side of the screen has shifted to the Optimize section, and a long list of words and phrases is now included.

These are phrases that has identified in higher-ranking articles, that it recommends we include in our own, to rank.

And note, as we start to include these phrases, the. boxes on the right change to green to show we’ve included them the right number of times.

In this example, “wide range” should be included once, we included it, so the box changes to a green background.

NOTE AND WARNING: Frase is not telling you to simply dump words into your content to rank, the search engines are far too smart for this old-school approach of keyword stuffing. The tool is, however, pointing out topics to discuss, phrases to include naturally as you discuss them, and guiding you to do so in a way that adds value to the readers.

as we write about the content, it's checked off in the right side

Let’s ask for a bit of help including content for “Human Behaviors”.

Enter text such as “Human behaviors such as”.

Highlight this text and note that the tool opens a bar to format it and help you either paraphrase or expand on it.

The bar

Take a second, and try the Rewrite option to paraphrase and improve the text. Several options are recommended.

Then try the “Write about this” option. For us, wrote:

Human behaviors such as aggression, fear and anxiety are often associated with the presence of a predator. In humans, these responses can be adaptive when they occur in response to an immediate threat (e.g., a snake or spider), but may also become maladaptive if they persist after the danger has passed. The amygdala is thought to play a critical role in mediating the expression of defensive reactions ([@bib0125]).

As a result, the amygdala is sometimes referred to as the “fear center” of the brain. It is responsible for processing emotional information and initiating appropriate behavioral responses.

For the record, that’s much smarter than anything we have to say on the topic.

Create a Content Plan

Navigating back to the home screen, select SEO Tools in the left-hand menu.

You see several options to do rich content planning, including:

  • Using AI to analyze your Google Search Console information to identify content gaps.
Video of using the GSC Integration

  • An outline builder to see what questions people ask about key topics on quora and elsewhere.
  • Analyzing Wikipedia
  • A brand new, in-beta version, of a deeper content planning tool.

We’ll dig deeper into all of these soon. Chatbot is currently crawling our content to set this bot up. This process has been abusive to our site responsiveness and we are further evaluating.


You get a lot of value for $100/month with

And there are lots we did not explore, like version control, wow…

Check it out.

Product Updates

August 2022

Frase has released a new visual report for analyzing competitors’ SERP-related data, called the SERP Visualizer.  See this video.

Frase has also released a new WordPress plugin.

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Where is’s Headquarters?

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

When was founded?

Frase was founded in 2016.

Who is the CEO of

Tomas Ratia

Latest Blog Updates

Pricing comes with three paid plans.

All plans include automated content briefs, content scoring, content editor, easy document sharing, project collaboration, outline builder, and more.


$44.99/mo – $39.99/mo if paid annually

  • 1 user seat
  • 30 document credits

$114.99/mo – $99.99/mo if paid annually

  • 3 user seats ($25/mo for each extra user).
  • Unlimited document credits

Pricing not provided.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited document credits

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