Fractional Enablement Leadership


How do you know you are ready for Fractional Enablement Leadership? We’ll explain what Fractional Enablement Leadership is, why you may need it, and how you can benefit from working with the global leaders of Enablement.

What is Fractional Enablement Leadership?

Fractional Enablement Leaders partner with your CEO or CRO to create the frameworks and processes your go-to-market organization needs to increase sales efficiency — delivering more sales for each dollar invested in sales and marketing.

These Leaders work part-time with your organization, providing strategic guidance and insights based upon what the best organizations on the planet are doing today.

Fractional Enablement Leadership

Why Hire a Fractional Enablement Leader?

You know you need an Enablement organization but have no idea where to begin.

If you have no experience with Enablement, it can be challenging to know what good looks like, and hiring your first head of this function can be scary.

With Fractional Enablement Leadership, you:

  • Reduce risk out of the gate — bring in an expert to set up your function correctly.
  • Minimize your investment in executive compensation — you pay as you go, going as fast or as slow as your business requires.
  • Gain support in hiring your permanent team — your Fractional Leader knows what you need and can help you hire for it.

Your Enablement Leader does not…

Your Fractional Leader is not a sales trainer, certified coach, or content developer.

This role is a strategic position that partners closely with your senior executive team.  

Your Enablement Leader can help you hire consultants or permanent resources for these positions, however.

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