How to use Trust Enablement

Use our search to scan hundreds of incredible articles filled with tips, tactics, and strategies across sales enablement, marketing, customer success, support, and operations. 

And, because public search engines can only use algorithms, not human judgment, we include our recommendations for enablement-related books, events, job candidates, and consultants below to help you cut through the noise.  If you want us to consider you for the list below, reach out via our Page de contact.


  • (December 1st) Boston Chapter of the Sales Enablement Society is running a session from noon to 1 PM ET titled “Beyond Enablement: Leaping into Sales Productivity.” Register here.
  • (December 7th) Trust Enablement Workshop – Driving adoption and change for your programs. Register Now.
  • (January 24th – 25th) Trust Enablement Summit. Sessions are being fleshed out; register here.

Job Candidates

Enablement (Senior Level)
Enablement Leadership
  • Roderick Jefferson
  • Daryl Spreiter – Sales Enablement Leader in SaaS/PaaS with expertise in Sales/GTM Onboarding and new hire development programs, continuous education, program design and delivery, and building future leaders.


Life, Career, and Executive Coaching

Humans Focused on Professional Development

Imagine sharing your knowledge, learning from others, and growing your network of connections; how much better would you be at your job?

We provide free courses, low-cost workshops, and events. Below we are spotlighting those investing in their professional development and those investing in maturing and growing our profession by sharing their knowledge.

Note:  Participants in the Trust Enablement programs earn points based on several activities. We spotlight the current leaders, updated weekly based on recent activity.

Top Recognized Enablement Educators
Certified Enablement Coaches
  • Nieka Mamczak, Sr Manager of Enablement (Customer Success), is our first-ever Certified Enablement Coach.
Enablement Guides – Level 2
  • David Lichtman, Founder and CEO of Enablematch, is the leading Enablement community recruiter and has led workshops on story-telling for Enablers.
Enablement Guides – Level 1
Top Recognized Students of Enablement
Students of Enablement – Level 2
Students of Enablement – Level 1
  • Jenn Glabicky is the Global Head of Revenue Enablement at Marqeta.
  • Sarah Stites is a Growth Enablement Manager at Perceptyx.
  • Emily Bair is Head of Sales Enablement at Wistia.
  • Rahul Kukreja is a Sr Manager of Sales Leadership Development – APAC at Intuitive.