Four Best E-Commerce Funding Options Now (July 2022)


SellersFunding is a global financial technology company on a mission to empower growth for ecommerce sellers by providing the most comprehensive suite of financial solutions.


Payability is the financing company for Amazon and ecommerce sellers. Their financing solutions Instant Access, Instant Advance and the Payability Seller Card are designed specifically for the needs of ecommerce businesses.

Wise - formerly TransferWise

For our customers, using TransferWise is as simple as sending money from A to B, but behind our app and website is a complex engine of currencies and routes, that being designed, built and powered by our talented teams in cities around the world.


Amazon Lending is built on the simple idea that business lending doesn’t have to be complicated. This invite-only program provides business financing solutions to eligible U.S. small and medium-sized businesses without lengthy paperwork and long wait times.


Who Should Consider SellersFunding?

Any ecommerce business looking to scale, launch new products, expand into new markets, etc.

  • Must be registered entity in US, UK, or Canada
  • At least 6 months of sales history on an ecommerce marketplace
  • Net sales should average at least $20K per month, £20K per month, or equivalent for the most recent 3 months
  • Credit Limit and Revenue Advance up to $1,000,000 in 48 hours
  • Clear fee structures
  • If you just need funding, the all-in-one financial solution platform may be more than needed

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Who Should Look To Playability?
  • At least 90 days of sales history in e-commerce
  • At least $10,000 in sales history
  • High Capital Advance of 75% to 150% of monthly marketplace sales revenue
  • Great brand recognition
  • No customer success to support your business

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Who Should Use Wise?

E-commerce businesses with lots of international transfers who can live with slower transfer times.

  • Invoice Payment with 70+ Countries
  • Great API
  • Automated services only, longer hold times

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Who Should Use Amazon Lending?

This is an invite-only solution.

  • Application process streamlined (if invited)
  • Lower interest rates
  • Collateralized loans
  • Only available to small business owners who sell on the Amazon marketplace

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