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The Inside Sales Accelerator Program – Measurable Impact Now

You hired a team of sellers to prospect, build a pipeline, and grow your business.

And they are not hitting their targets.

The problems vary and may include the following: 

  • You hired inexpensive/inexperienced reps
  • You haven’t documented processes, messaging, or expectations
  • You haven’t provided them with enough training

And now you have spent thousands of dollars and have no idea what you’ll get in return.

If you are ready to focus on bringing quality leads from your inside sellers to your closers, you need our Inside Sales Accelerator Program!


How Does the Sales Acceleration Program Work?

There is no one-size fits all solution, but there is a one-sized fits all process to deliver results.

Our program delivers the training, coaching, documentation, and possibly tools you need to improve results now, and the structure to drive continuous improvement into the future.

Cómo empezar

We will sit down with your team to review project goals, success markers and metrics, and align on an approach.

From here, we will establish a shared project plan.

Conduct Interviews

You know your business better than we do, and real change begins with partnering with you and your experts.  While your exact needs vary, we start by collaborating with business leaders and stakeholders to capture the best information available on:

  • Your ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • Business challenges and pain points your solutions address
  • Common Objections and Responses
  • Messaging and language that resonates with your ICP
  • Your primary sales tools
  • Current processes and recognized gaps
Documenting and Training On What We Learned

We will document the lessons learned through our interviews, confirming understanding.

We then create a training program based on the Kirkpatrick model that blends in-person, remote, on-demand, and asynchronous learning and coaching to educate on, reinforce, and ultimately change critical behaviors.

All of it aligned with your agreed-upon business KPIs.

Who Do We Partner With?

If the following describes your business, complete the form below for a free 30-minute session to determine if we fit your needs.

  • You are an SMB company with 1-15 inside sales reps
  • You want to increase the volume of quality leads, not simply increase lead volume
  • You are committed to driving change, not merely looking for a one-and-done training session.

We partner with teams to improve and scale their outreach efforts — not those looking for a simple deliver and leave approach.

Are you Ready to Learn More?

Complete the form below to start the process.

We will respond quickly, setting up a brief meeting to clarify your needs.


Pricing varies based on the number of staff, existing processes and documentation, and overall maturity of your inside sales function.

The Inside Sales Accelerator Program has a minimum cost of $10,000 and requires an initial payment of $5,000 for work to begin.