Enablement Competency Frameworks

There are multiple ways to think about the competencies you need in your enablement team.  These Enablement Competency Frameworks have been created by our fellow Enablement Practitioners and Leaders and shared here, with permission, for your re-use.

Competency Framework One, Created and Shared by Tara Sullivan.

Performance● Is a strategic consultant and not a tactical order taker – takes a systematic
approach to problem solving – understands what people need, vs what they
● Ability to conduct a thorough needs assessment that uncover true wants versus
needs and selects the most appropriate methodology / process that closes the
gap. Begins to measure training effectiveness and communicate that progress
to the team.
● Program Design: Builds & delivers engaging and effective training programs,
systems, processes, coaching, and development that enables sales
professionals to be more effective and efficient in their roles.
● Has a data driven and strategic mindset – makes connections and builds
programs that contribute to company and seller goals.
● Program effectiveness demonstrates positive influence on revenue & seller
Proficiency● Proficient in latest enablement trends, technologies, tactics, methodologies and
the ability to discern what is important to our team, when, and why.
● Deep commercial awareness – understand nuances of a dynamic selling
process & where our sellers excel and where there are deficits
● Excellent stakeholder management – Maintains deep relationships with key
● Maintains a strategic vision and questions the status quo: Constantly innovating
programs and testing new ideas, while making sure all the puzzle pieces are
aligned and fit together to support the SE strategy.
● Evaluates the ROI data of programs and is always looking for opportunities to
improve their impact & performance.
● Deep understanding of Riskified value proposition, product, process,
technology and the dynamics of how teams interact and function.
Process● Actively plans with the end goal in mind and can establish a roadmap to achieve
goals and predict roadblocks
● Is thorough and organized. Follows through on all programs & communicates
progress / roadblocks.
● Maintains a system/project planning process – continuously updates reflects on
progress (monday.com)
Professionalism● Actively pursues professional development opportunities unique to the growth
teams as a whole and individually
● Strong communicator – actively responses to peers and is overall considerate
● Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their
trust and respect
● Is personally committed to and actively works to continuously improve
him/herself. On that front, actively seeks feedback & gains insights from
● Is altruistic – makes our customer our #1 priority and is invested in the success of
all teams.