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e4enable Review – What You Need To Know

e4enable is the MUST HAVE solution for businesses ranging from mid-sized through the Fortune 500.  

The e4enable team refers to its platform as a data-driven, competency-centered sales coaching platform — but that is too large of a mouthful, and frankly, fails to capture the depth of value they have created in their product.

This product is the brain, heart, and soul of effective employee growth and amplification solution, finally providing a way to tie training and coaching efforts to business outcomes.

It cuts across employees at all levels, providing more depth of insight than anything else on the market, while almost spoon-feeding the users with the formula for their individual, their teams, and their business overall growth.

It is not an LMS replacement — it is the glue that finally enables you to deliver on the promised value of your existing LMS and related solutions.

What’s fantastic, is:

  • Students are able to easily self-determine the training they need.
  • Managers can do the same, while easily comparing individual performance against others on the team, corporate standards, and individual goals.
  • Customized coaching and training plans, with accountability on the manager and the individual, are built-in, so performance improvements are intelligently guided, and best practices are leveraged across the organization.
  • Regardless of where your content, training, and coaching materials reside, you can easily find, assign, and measure the impact within e4enable.

We will be adding much more to this review in the near future.

But, this is the take-away.

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What category does e4enable fall within?

The product is an entirely new category of technology.

Stay tuned as I will update this profile with the name, and list of product leaders across all categories, in June of 2022.

Let’s take a quick look at e4enable’s new video

New Company Video Overview

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What is e4enable?

e4enable is a data-driven coaching platform to define, develop & measure sales performance.

What integrations does e4enable have?

Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive, Gong, LinkedIn, 360 Learning, Lessonly, Highspot, YouTube, OKTA, Azure Active Directory, JumpCloud.

Who is the CEO of e4enable?

Kate Lewis

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by e4enable?

Technology – Primarily in the UK, Europe, and North America

What are the Secondary verticals supported by e4enable?

Several other knowledge-intensive or sales-intensive industries including Finance / Pharma / Recruitment

What is the average headcount of companies buying from e4enable?

Typically companies with a headcount of 200 or more have the right infrastructure and resources to gain maximum value from the e4enable platform

Company Response to Our Questions

Why Buy?

Why do customers buy from you?

Customers choose to use our platform as they recognize the importance of a coaching program built around a sales competency framework but they struggle to effectively operationalize it at scale within their business. They are typically using very time-intensive manual processes and are juggling multiple platforms and data points. This makes analysis hard and results in the lack of a consistent and transparent coaching program and an inability to track the impact of their enablement activity.

When they go with a competitor, why do they make that choice?

Organizations that don’t buy into a coaching culture may choose to go with an alternative solution.

What makes you different from the other solutions?

We are on a mission to change the way salespeople are managed, developed, and measured by enabling companies to understand and develop the people behind the numbers. Our platform is focused on operationalizing a sales competency framework at the heart of a data-driven coaching program and integrating with the wider sales tech stack as we believe this is the most powerful tool for supporting and shaping a sales organization.

DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)

What is the business doing to improve DEIB in the organization, from front-line to executive table to board room?

As a business with a female co-founder, the DEIB agenda has been at the heart of e4enable since its inception. People are the essence of both our platform and our business and, as such, we are committed to developing and nurturing an inclusive culture. We are proud of creating an environment where different views and opinions can be shared as we believe this is beneficial for our team as well as the solutions we can provide for our equally diverse customer base.


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