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Second Nature AI


Second Nature AI

What is Second Nature AI?

Second Nature AI is a Sales Enablement Software product focused on sales coaching. Read on to see our take and reviews from users.

Second Nature AI claims to provide a “virtual pitch partner” that uses conversational AI to have actual discussions with sales reps, score them, and help them improve on their own, so they can ace every sales call.

All Enablers know that sales coaching is challenging to scale, at least without either hiring a large team of coaching or investing in AI-based coaching solutions.

While the Trust Enablement team has not yet reviewed this solution, we will be attempting to do so and will share our findings.

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NOTE: The Product website is at

Additional notes from the team at Trust Enablement

Contributor, Crystal Nikosey, notes:

I was hooked when I saw it, so much so that its now one of my priorities for SKO. The potential is massive. Immediate feedback - before the call is made. Insert "Jenny" into your pre-call prep, certifications, new messaging, she'll even coach demos.

Those are only the features. I'm excited to really dive in and look into how this can help with enablement attribution to revenue impact.

They are well-positioned in the AI coaching space and are making big moves now. I watched a helpful discussion between their Founder, Ariel Hitron and the enablement team at can take a look at their YouTube channel to see several customer interactions -

0 Reviews

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