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Data Dwell Review – Everything You Need To Know (July 2022)

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What does Data Dwell do?

Data Dwell is a provider of a cloud-based centralized digital data solution that is designed to automate and streamline daily branding operations and reinforce brand consistency. The vendor aims to help organizations save time and money, and scale their brand globally while avoiding growing pains.

Primary Use Cases:

  • Store: Surface the right content to client-facing employees at the right time in the customer journey
  • Distribute: Create bespoke Digital Sales Rooms for prospective clients to access content
  • Analytics: Understand and report on how content is affecting the sales cycle to improve and repeat

 Recommended for Evaluation for:

Trust Enablement Note:  Data Dwell outperformed all other Sales Asset Management Systems in their depth of reporting capabilities, aiding customers directly to tie their sales content efforts to business revenue.  

Congratulations on your Q1 and Q2, 2022, victories!

What is Data Dwell?

Data Dwell is a provider of a cloud-based centralized digital data solution that is designed to automate and streamline daily branding operations and reinforce brand consistency.

Where is Data Dwell’s Headquarters?

Reykjavík, Gullbringusysla, Iceland

When was Data Dwell Founded?

Data Dwell was founded in 2016

Who is the CEO of Data Dwell?

Olafur Helgi Thorkelsson

Is Data Dwell a Public or Private company?

Data Dwell is a privately held company.

How much money has Data Dwell raised?

Data Dwell has raised $1.3 million.

What integrations does Data Dwell have?

Salesforce, Office, Hootsuite, Templafy

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by Data Dwell?


What are the secondary verticals supported by Data Dwell?

Property, Financial Service.

What is the average size of Data Dwell customers in terms of revenue?

Average ranges from 80-150m depending on industries

What is the average size of Data Dwell customers in terms of headcount?

500 employees, and above 30 Commercial employees (Sales, Marketing, CS)

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Company Response to Our Questions

Why Buy?

Why do customers buy from you?
  1. We tend to land companies that want to be able to provide leadership with content analytics for the whole customer journey. That content data never leaves Salesforce which makes it easy to report on against pipeline & revenue.
  2. Companies that are looking to support multiple teams from SDR´s, Marketing, Sales and Customer Success all within their Salesforce platform and that want to improve the adoption of the CRM platform.
  3. Salesforce- centered businesses, that are looking for a ‘’single source of truth’‘ CRM platforms choose us to enhance existing Salesforce products by connecting Data Dwell to them, such as Sales Engagement, Marketing automation and AI tools.

When they go with a competitor, why do they make that choice?

Where it´s not a focus to keep “single source of truth” within Salesforce and/or capabilities that are outside of our product focus such as field sales, onboarding, training.

What makes you different from the other solutions?
  1. Being the only 100% native Sales Enablement to Salesforce is the biggest difference. Data Dwell sits on top of the Salesforce platform, meaning no integrations are needed and it is easier and quicker to set up.
  2. Focus on Revenue enablement rather than just Sales enablement, meaning we provide support and content analytics throughout the whole customer and sales journey. Marketing are able to report on analytics in the mid and bottom of the funnel as well.
  3. Ability to connect content analytics with CRM data to create meaningful reports on your prospect/customers lifecycle.

DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)

What is the business doing to improve DEIB in the organization, from front-line to executive table to board room?

Data Dwell is a strong supporter of DEIB programs. That stems from the fact that the team is highly international, based in different countries and coming from different backgrounds, having different interests and passions. However, the values that all the employees share are the same: integrity, inclusion and feeling of belonging. The working environment and culture of Data Dwell is highly respectful and casual at the same time. Everyone has the authority to suggest and organize team activities, trainings, events and trips which they believe would be beneficial and improve the overall performance of the team and the business.

Trust Enablement Analysis

How did Data Dwell’s Product Do for Content Reporting?

Data Dwell achieved a rating of “Level 4: Insightful” based upon the index and is the only vendor in the report to yet achieve this level.  Level 4 means:

Can tie content usage to a specific account/deal/stage and provide revenue attribution to its usage and be able to identify the impact on:

  • Deal stage velocity
  • Deal stage exit %
  • Overall Deal Velocity
  • Win Rate

Broken Down by:

  • By Persona/Job Title
  • By Industry

Can identify what content is never being used in deals.

Data Dwell Review Commentary

This product remains top-dog, and least well known, of all products in this category.

As a native Salesforce application, the in-depth reporting, as noted to the left, is beyond anyone else in the market.

Customer Success

As the business grows and matures, they are beginning to formalize processes and organizational structure.  

While they have provided outstanding customer-focused service, they have now hired a customer success leader who is putting processes and structures in place.

Scaling the above-and-beyond customer-focused efforts will be challenging but we remain optimistic that this team will make it happen.

Content Capabilities Worth Noting

The content management capabilities are more than enough for your business.

You cannot, however, perform feature-by-feature comparisons with this solution.

While many providers have more out-of-the-box features, they have to because they are not set on top of a world-class platform like Salesforce.

For example, need alerts for content that is not being used?  Use Salesforce’s built-in capabilities to support exactly what you need.

This is a pro-and-a-con, of course.

Digital Sales Rooms

We will share more about their capabilities here soon.

We will leave you with this thought, however.

Data Dwell’s digital salesroom capabilities have leap-frogged all others on the market.

If this is important to your business, use the Learn More button to connect with them ASAP.

Data Dwell Competitors (Trusted and Participating)

Saleshood Logo

Data Dwell Win Wires

Note: These notes have been independently gathered and are based upon the feedback of buyers.  In other words, reasons may, or may not, be accurate, but they are based upon that buyer’s perception.

Why did you buy Data Dwell vs Highspot?

Feedback Gathered Date:  February 2022


  • Highspot did not provide enough data directly in Salesforce to measure the actual revenue attribution for content usage in the platform.
  • Highspot is more expensive than Data Dwell. As a result of this switch, they could double the number of people using their systems.

Certified Customer Feedback

We have reached out to existing users of every product included on our site.  As we receive their feedback and confirm its accuracy of it, we will include it here.

Reviewer Industry: Legal Technology

What do you use this product for?  

Used by sales and customer success teams to deliver content to the lawyers with whom they are working.

Number of customer-facing teammates supported: 100

Number of people on your Enablement team:  1

What have you most enjoyed about working with this vendor and/or using their products?

The Data Dwell platform is very customizable; able to work as promised in their Salesforce instance. The Data Dwell team worked closely with this customer to customize the connections to work as needed.

  • There was a concern about migrating content from their old vendor to Data Dwell. The Data Dwell team did all the work and made it easy for this customer to migrate.
  • The customer notes that this was the first time they ever bought software and did not feel let down after the purchase. Data Dwell met and exceeded what they discussed in the sales process.

The Data Dwell team is always available via Slack and other channels, making for a fantastic customer support experience.

Where does the vendor, or their product, have the most room for improvement?

The platform is very customizable, and it would be nice for the Data Dwell team to provide examples of what is possible, helping customers realize best practices and ideal ways to take advantage of the platform.

Data Dwell could use an email extension or addin (Gmail or Outlook) so that you could use the product from within email.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to use this product again if the decision was completely up to you?  10

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