Your Journey Starts Here

The Enablement Journey-Week One-Enablement Fundamentals

Welcome to class number one!!

Who Is This Class For?

✓ University students looking to learn about enablement and go-to-market functions.

✓ Junior employees looking to make a switch to enablement.

✓ Junior enablement professionals, often in specialist roles, looking to uplevel.

The Class Format

Each class follows the same basic format:

A brief lecture on the topic

Our speaker will cover the topic in a 10-15 minute video, sharing their insights on the specific topic to set the appropriate frame of reference and prepare you for the week’s homework/workshop.

Self Directed, Team Supported, Workshop

We give you the assignment for the week.

Our team will be available to answer questions and support you as you work through the assignment.

There are no grades, but if you put in the work, you’ll definitely learn more than if you only listen to our speaker.

Course Curriculum

Start Next Lesson Speaker Insights
Video Walkthrough
The Homework/Workshop