Your Assignment- Creating Your Content Curation Plan


For this class, create a simple Google document that fleshes out your content curation strategy.  Share this document in our private Facebook group to get feedback.

Don’t yet have access to our group?  Email us at [email protected].

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Follow this process:

Brainstorm content ideas that work well for your business
  • Research your competitors
  • Go through your best-performing posts and discover how you can expand on the topic.
  • Run brainstorming sessions with your team
  • Monitor what type of topics are trending at the moment
Create content categories for different topics (e.g., promotional, memes, quotes, industry tips, product tutorials, etc.)

Now that you have a long list of ideas, organize them into content categories based on discussion topics. This will help you shape your strategy and plan content with an objective.

Do you want to raise brand awareness by running a contest? Do you want to promote your products with an engaging unboxing video? Or maybe you just want to strengthen your relationship with your audience by sharing a relatable meme?

Schedule these categories alternatively throughout the week to diversify the content you post on social media

Open your content calendar or your social media management tool.

Start scheduling your categorized content alternatively throughout the week to make sure you don’t share similar posts one after the other.

Let’s see, for example, how you can do this with SocialBee.