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Brand Wings Review – What You Need To Know

Brand Wings is a sales content management system.  Per the Brand Wings team:

Brand Wings Overview

Brand Wings is a sales enablement platform designed for companies that sell their products and/or solutions through direct and/or indirect sales channels.  Those indirect sales channels could be resellers, dealers, distributors, agents, and/or brokers. 

We break the Brand Wings sales enablement platform into three key areas;

1) Sales Content Management 

This allows one central location to access all your most current, up-to-date marketing content and information.  Brand Wings offers a customized portal specific to your sales team and/or sales channel.  All assets are permission-based, so only the specified sales team/channel can view the content. 

2) Sales Tools

Brand Wings looks at ways to empower your sales teams to increase efficiency with sales and marketing automation tools that include; 

  • Content Management
  • Training & Guidance
  • Brandable Assets
  • Email Campaigns
  • Product Ordering 
  • Team Messaging

3) Visibility & Analytics 

Brand Wings provides business intelligence to your sales leadership and sales reps by tracking the important actions that each salesperson takes within the platform.  This includes downloading assets, ordering products, personalization templates, and more.  It also provides visibility of what customers or potential customers are doing with the information you send them, whether they are viewing your content, downloading it, sharing it with others, etc.  

Who Should Use Brand Wings?

Brand Wings should be considered by businesses looking to deliver sales content to multiple teams with varying branding experience requirements (e.g., channel partners).

Brand Wings Walkthrough and Review

For this evaluation, we used a test environment set up by the Brand Wings team.  

We are taken to a customized home screen on login, shown below.  Note:  You can customize this page, and others, using a drag-and-drop page builder on the administrative side of the solution.

Brand Wings allows different users to have different user experiences.  This is a critical requirement for support channel partners and, in some companies, different teams.

Brand Wings Home Screen

As noted above, the user interface can be customized via a drag-and-drop editor, with images, links to other web pages, content, other pages, and so on being added to the pages to customize the experience as needed by your sales team.

When you click into the boxes on the home screen and reach the content you are looking for; you will find a page looking like this.

Basic information about the asset is displayed, and you can download it or share it with someone via email.

As you can see above, you can:

  • Share the content with one or more contacts stored in Brand WIngs (you can create the contact at this point if they do not yet exist).
  • Set the content to expire by a specific date (you generally don’t want your content available forever).
  • Include a message with the shared content.

The email is sent to the prospect and may end up in the Junk Email folder as it did for us.  This is not a unique challenge to Brand Wings and will be a concern for any content shared directly from other sales content management systems.

The email received by the prospect is only lightly formatted, looking a bit spammy vs. a more professional look and feel.

Fortunately, you can also configure content to provide a direct URL for easy inclusion in emails, as you can see here.

The URL is a direct download to the asset.

When Does Brand Wings Win?

With so many great solutions on the market, we asked the team when do they get selected over the competition.  Here is their response:

We continue to hear that Brand Wings is simple and easy to use and is adaptable to the direct and indirect sales reps using the platform.  The personalization of the marketing content is also a great feature in order to control your content and provide that customized brandable assets for your sales reps.  Having the visibility as well as the analytics if that is from seeing what your sales reps are doing or using on a day-to-day basis is key as is the visibility they have once they send information out to their prospects and clients.  We feel we offer an enterprise sales enablement platform that competes against those enterprise platforms but not at those “typical” enterprise prices.        

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Brand Wings Review – Pricing 

Starting per month for 25 portal users is $1,000.  $20 per user per month following that.  Price discounts can apply due to the number of users added.  

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