Best Sales Enablement Platform for Microsoft-centric Businesses

Is your business running on a Microsoft-centric sales tech stack?  Are you looking to buy, or create, the best sales enablement platform for this stack? If this is you, you should read on.


Recommendations – Best Sales Enablement Platform for Microsoft-centric Businesses

In making our recommendation, we have evaluated which vendors integrate with Microsoft Dynamics and which vendors have good integration with Microsoft Dynamics. Sadly, there are vendors with terrible integrations we simply cannot recommend.


Coaching and Training Solutions

Businesses using Microsoft Dynamics have fewer good options than those using Salesforce, Pipedrive, Freshsales, Zoho, and other CRM solutions.

While we have reviewed solutions that can support this stack, we have not yet evaluated a coaching or training solution we can strongly recommend for this tech stack.


Content Management, Delivery, and Tracking Solutions

Based on our research, the only option in this category for Microsoft Dynamics shops is Paperflite.

Out of our Trusted Vendor list, Paperflite is the only vendor with a Microsoft Dynamics integration. This integration is critical for any business that uses this CRM and plans to use even partially data-aware of their efforts.



The best tools for companies standardized on the Microsoft technology stack will continue to evolve as our research and conversations deepen.

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