5 Best Landing Page Builders (July 2022)

So you want to create a landing page for your website? One of the reviewed landing page builder tools will help you achieve your goals.

In this article, we will begin with defining the characteristics of a great landing page builder and then provide you with our rankings.

But first, for those of you who want to simply review our ratings for each landing page builder we reviewed.

Landingi Logo

Landingi currently ranks at the top of our list overall of all landing page builders.  While others are stronger in specific areas, this product is great overall and comes in at a budget-friendly price.

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Instapage Logo

Instapage is the leading landing page building platform. It helps digital marketers maximize their advertising conversions and ROAS by delivering hyper-relevant ad-to-page experiences at a scale.

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Leadpages Logo

Leadpages® is a digital lead generation software platform that enables entrepreneurs and marketers to easily publish websites and landing pages, so they can turn clicks into customers. Leadpages help you get in business and stay in business online.

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Unbounce Logo

The Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ Platform helps convert more of your visitors into leads, sales, and customers. From pre-optimized landing pages created in minutes to dazzling copy that’s written for you.

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GetResponse is a complete online marketing software that helps you grow your audience, engage with customers, and boost online sales. With over 30 tools in one easy-to-use platform, you can transform your online marketing and bring tangible results.

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Let’s begin, as we always do, at the beginning.

Best Landing Page Builders Available Now (May 2022)What is a landing page?

A landing page is a single web page placed on your website to achieve a specific goal.

Landing Pages vs Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is a landing page designed to capture leads.

These are also referred to as gates, as they are often used to prevent access to a piece of content.

What is a Landing Page Builder?

A landing page builder is a tool that allows you to create, customize, and publish landing pages without the need for coding or design skills.

Most builders come with a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to add and arrange elements on your page.

The most popular landing page builders today include:

  • Landingi
  • Instapage
  • Leadpages
  • Unbounce
  • GetResponse

We rated each landing page builder based on a number of dimensions, review our findings below.

Note:  The landing page builder software we evaluated is each capable of delivering stunning landing pages.  Your page design skills are truly the only limiting factor for your landing page design.

The Landing Page Builders

Landingi Logo


Best overall option for marketing teams looking to quickly generate landing pages

G2 Reviews
191 Reviews

PROS: Very easy to use and comes with 300+ templates, popup support

CONS: Very minor challenge is that it supports the fewest custom domains.

Pricing from $29/month


Instapage Logo


The choice for any team needing to create large number of landing pages, each with own custom domain

G2 Reviews
401 Reviews

PROS: Lots of design templates and A/B testing is supported for all price plans.

CONS: The least user-friendly user experience of the landing page builders tested.

Pricing from $199/month


Leadpages Logo


The choice for creating landing pages expected to take a lot of traffic

G2 Reviews
151 Reviews

PROS: The only reviewing builder supporting unlimited traffic.

CONS: Only supports 1 custom domain

Pricing from $37/month


Unbounce Logo


The best choice for marketing agencies

G2 Reviews
317 Reviews

PROS: Supports high-volume landing pages and unlimited users for most plans.

CONS: The least user-friendly user experience of the landing page builders tested.

Pricing from $90/month


GetResponse Logo


The best landing page builder for small businesses looking for a robust marketing automation solution

G2 Reviews
824 Reviews

PROS: Great price and easy to use with loads of capabilities beyond building landing pages

CONS: The least robust functionality of all the builders reviewed, but more than sufficient for most small business owner

Pricing from $15.58/month and a FREE plan alternative.

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Background Information for Landing Pages

What types of goals do landing pages support?

We’ve mentioned lead generation as a common goal.

What are the types of lead page goals, including this one, that you most often see?

Generate leads

Squeeze pages often sit in front of downloadable content, event registrations, and similar value-added content and experiences.

Leads are then added to an email list and possibly called by your sales team.

Promote a product or service

These pages are often heavier on copy (on-page text) and meant to persuade the reader to buy the product (e.g., courses, digital downloads, etc).

How to build landing pages

A landing page is one of the most important pieces of your puzzle, and getting it right can mean the difference between a conversion and a bounce.

Here are a few key tips:

  • Keep it simple. A landing page should be free of distractions like sidebars, navigation, and links to other pages on your site.
  • Use persuasive copy. Write headlines that grab attention and explain what the user will get by taking the desired action.
  • Use strong calls to action. Buttons should be large and clearly labeled with a verb that describes the desired action, such as “Download,” “Sign Up,” or “Learn More.”
  • Include images or videos. People are more likely to convert when they can see what they’re getting.
  • Use testimonials. If you have happy customers, use their words to persuade others to convert.
  • Make sure you develop mobile responsive landing pages. More than half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices, so a responsive design is essential.
  • Use A/B testing. This technique allows you to compare two versions of a landing page to see which performs better.
  • Monitor your results. Check your landing page analytics to see how users are interacting with your page and make changes as needed.

Can you use these tools like a website builder?

Landing pages are designed to be one-off pages, not part of an ongoing website.

While some landing page builders do offer features that allow you to create a basic website, they’re not meant to be used as a full-fledged website builder.

For that, you’ll want to use a tool like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace.

Do landing pages affect SEO?

No, landing pages don’t affect your website’s SEO unless they are run from your domain.

You can use tools like Surfer SEO to measure the extent of the impact if they are run there.

What did we miss?

Let us know.

Did we miss important topics related to landing pages?

Is there a landing page builder you feel we should have included?

Top Overall ChoiceThe Choice when You Need Unlimited Custom DomainsTop Choice for High Traffic SitesTop Choice for Landing Page Wizards and Marketing AgenciesTop Choice for Small Businesses Needing a Complete Marketing Automation Suite
Ease of Use9/107/108/108/108/10
G2 Rating4.4/5.0
(191 Reviews)
(401 Reviews)
(151 Reviews)
(317 Reviews)
(824 Reviews)
Number of Landing Page Templates300+Around 100 (500+ layouts)100+100+100+
Can create unlimited landing pagesYesNoYesNoYes (except for the free plan)
Exit-intent Popup Support50+ (for Create, Automate, and Agency Plans)NoYesYesYes
Ability to A/B TestAutomate and Agency Plans OnlyYesPro Plan OnlyOptimize and Accelerate PlansYes
Mobile Design SupportYesYesYesYesYes
Payment SupportYesNoPro Plan OnlyNoYes
Named UsersCore: 2
Create: 10
Automate: 10
Agency: 20
Not ListedNot ListedLaunch: 2
Optimize: Unlimited
Accelerate: Unlimited
Free: 1
Email Mktg: 1
Mktg Automation: 3
Ecommerce: 5
Max: 500
Unique Visitors SupportedCore: 1K
Create: 20K
Automate: 40K
Agency: 50K
Not ListedUnlimitedLaunch: 20K
Optimize: 30K
Accelerate 50K
Free: 1000
Others: Unlimited
Custom Domains1-5 (Based upon Plan)Unlimited1 Domain1-10 (Based upon Plan)TBD
Overall Value and Quality9/107/108/107/108/10
PricingFrom $29/month to $109/month$199/month and upFrom $37/month to $74/monthFrom $90/month to $225/monthFrom Free, $15.58, and up.
Free Trial Access14-Day Free Trial14-Day Free Trial14-Day Free Trial14-Day Free TrialFree Plan
Trust Enablement ProfileView ProfileView ProfileView ProfileView ProfileView Profile
Top Overall ChoiceThe Choice when You Need Unlimited Custom DomainsTop Choice for High Traffic SitesTop Choice for Landing Page Wizards and Marketing AgenciesTop Choice for Small Businesses Needing a Complete Marketing Automation Suite

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