Become a Trusted Enablement Professional


You have begun your journey towards becoming a Trusted Enablement Professional.

First – Get Started

Let the world know you are on this journey and join your peers.

  1. Join the Enablement Community on Slack.
  2. Follow Trust Enablement on LinkedIn.
  3. Add Trust Enablement to your LinkedIn profile with the job title of Trusted Enablement Professional.

Second – Join Others

In our Slack Community:

  1. Introduce yourself in the #general channel.
  2. Join our weekly events by looking at our #events channel for upcoming events.
  3. Ask and answer questions — become recognized as someone working to improve themselves and the profession.

Third – Enhance Knowledge

Review the amazing resources on Trust Enablement.

  • Hundreds of interviews with Practitioners and Leaders, Operations, Sellers, and a few CROs.
  • Guides to cover every Enablement moment and journey, arming you to succeed in the way you deserve.
  • Free Resources and Templates.
  • The Definitive Enablement Glossary.

Fourth – Share Insights

Share your knowledge and passion and help other Trusted Enablement Professionals take flight.

Reach out to The Collaborator to get even more involved.

Fifth – Help others

New challenges await us all; but your goal at this point should be to continue to enhance your knowledge while bringing others along the journey.

In this way, your journey continues onward forever, as you become a guide and mentor for others taking the path to Trusted Enablement Professional.

Exclusive Offers for Trust Enablement Members

We will be adding exclusive offers for those that have completed the first two steps on the journey to Trusted Enablement Professional above.  These offers have been vetted for quality and value by other members of the community — we stand behind them.

Trust Enablement members receive a 10% Discount on a course from the team at Growth Matters on Practical Sales Coaching.

The key word is practical. This is not just a theory based program, it’s a program that gives you practical steps to take as a sales leader to evolving the coaching culture in your team. 

Practical Sales Coaching