Trust Enablement’s DEIB Sponsorship

Trust Enablement's DEIB Sponsorship

The Mission of Trust Enablement is clear, with diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) being a cornerstone of who we are and what we do.

Helping Enablement Practitioners and Leaders succeed, the businesses they work for achieve positive, measurable business outcomes while making our work environments more diverse, inclusive, equitable, with openness to all people and ideas.

Real value is created when we put the people in our customer-facing and Enablement roles first and the results they produce at a close second.

That is why we are launching our DEIB program as we head into 2022 (read more here). 

Participating organizations will receive:

  • Listing on our program page. Coming in April
  • Rights to publish unique co-branded content on the Trust Enablement site focused on areas related to this program that are considered educational. For example, content around:
    • Careers in Enablement.
    • Tips for hiring managers.
    • Anything related to DEIB.
  • Ability to participate in activities the council defines for our DEIB initiative.
  • Inclusion in all Trust Enablement generated press releases about the program.

Existing sponsors are going beyond the $5000 sponsorship and committing to at least one DEIB-related change in their business in 2022 -- in this way, all of us will move forward together, faster.

We thank you for your support and look forward to providing solutions that will truly transform the face of Enablement, Sales, and Customer Success teams across the globe.