APAC Keynote Speaker – Felix Krueger – Q4 2022

APAC Keynote Speaker – Q4 2022

Felix Krueger

Felix Krueger

Founder/CEO and Enablement Podcaster

Over the last 15 years, Felix Krueger has worked as an enabler, seller, buyer, and marketer with some globally most recognized names in B2B technology and online media.

His track record includes a Sales Enablement leadership role at billion-dollar media giant Fairfax Media and the successful growth of digital transformation service Which-50.com, a start-up he co-founded and eventually sold.

Since 2019, Felix is the founder and CEO of the global Sales Enablement consulting firm FFWD and host of The State of Sales Enablement podcast.

What Session is Felix Leading?

Felix will be the keynote speaker for our APAC event.  In his session, he will discuss the state of sales enablement in general and then address the challenges enablers face in the APAC region and how they can tackle them to drive maturity levels up.


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