An Unbiased Look at ZoomInfo

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What does ZoomInfo do?

ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence solution with multiple product offerings.

Product’s Listed on ZoomInfo Website
Sales OS

“Maximize productivity, accelerate pipeline and reach the revenue potential you didn’t imagine possible with ZoomInfo SalesOS.”

Marketing OS

“ZoomInfo MarketingOS is the missing piece to your ABM puzzle. Bring actionable company insights and contact data to your omni-channel marketing strategy.”

Talent OS

“Source ideal candidates with a recruitment database fueled by best-in-class contact data.”

Operations OS

Get the best B2B commercial data delivered on your terms — accessible, flexible, and primed to accelerate your business.

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What is ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence solution

What integrations does ZoomInfo have?

Who is the CEO of ZoomInfo?

Henry Schuck

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by ZoomInfo?

Technology, Financial Services, Health Care

What are the secondary verticals supported by ZoomInfo?


What is the average size of ZoomInfo customers in terms of revenue?

Under $50M

What is the average size of ZoomInfo customers in terms of headcount?

Under 200

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ZoomInfo Competitors and Alternatives

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  • Ringlead – Data Quality Platform – September, 2021
  • Chorus – Conversational Intelligence – July, 2021
  • Insent – Realtime Conversational Platform – June, 2021
  • 4 Others prior to 2021

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