Workramp – What You Need To Know Now (May 2022)

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What does Workramp do?

WorkRamp is a modern training software that helps growing customer-facing teams onboard, train, and certify their employees. The platform empowers reps to be more productive by taking training and knowledge materials to where they already work like SFDC, Slack, and Chrome. Paired with dynamic and engaging learning paths and certifications, WorkRamp starts having an impact on team success immediately.



Workramp FAQs

What is Workramp?

Workramp is an Enablement learning platform.

What integrations does Workramp have?

Integrations: Dozens of integrations including Salesforce, Gong, Chorus, Guru, Highspot, Seismic, Workday, Slack

Who is the CEO of Workramp?

Ted Blosser

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by Workramp?

Technology, Publishing, Financial Services

What are the secondary verticals supported by Workramp?

Restaurants, Consumer Services

What is the average size of Workramp customers in terms of revenue?

Under $50M

What is the average size of Allego customers in terms of headcount?

Under 500

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According to the information posted on The Blueprint, Workramp charges:

“How much does WorkRamp cost?

WorkRamp provides pricing by quote, but the average cost is $25 to $35 per registered user. Annual contracts are required. There are no tiered packages with WorkRamp; pricing includes full features and support for every client.”


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