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Wiza Review – What You Need To Know Now (July 2022)

If your business sells B2B solutions, Wiza should be on your list of tools to consider for enriching prospect and customer information.  

Your SDR team needs tools like this.

Who Uses Wiza?

What Do Users Think Of Wiza?

What do Wiza users think of the platform?

Wiza Review and Walkthrough

For this walkthrough, we created a new account with one of our many Gmail email addresses.  

Note:  We are doing this walkthrough with Google Chrome.

Note: You can follow along with the FREE version, no credit card, we encourage that so you get a better sense of using the product.

Upon the first login, you see a screen like this.

Wiza first login screen

You should definitely install the Chrome extension.  

Then, click on “Give it a try ->” which opens the LinkedIn Profile of their Founder, Stephen Hakami.

Testing the Wiza Chrome Extension with Wiza Founder, Stephen Hakami

We absolutely love that there is a brief “tutorial”, highlighting the Wiza button (as long as you’ve installed the Chrome extension).

Simply click on the Get Email button and Stephen’s email will display where the button is currently.  

Connecting To Your CRM

The next step on the first-launch screen prompts us to connect to our CRM.  

We’ll use Hubspot for this demo, but note that the product also connects to Salesforce, Outreach, Pipedrive, Zoho, and Salesloft.

Let’s begin by clicking on “Connect CRM”, which shows all options.

Connecting Wiza to your CRM

Setting up the Hubspot Wiza Integration

Choose Hubspot.

Note: If you have access to multiple Hubspot instances, you will have to choose which instance of Hubspot you are installing the integration into first.

The webpage will refresh and will then show you the permissions screen.

Note: Hubspot has not verified the Wiza Hubspot integration. We would typically warn clients against using Unverified integrations.

Choose Connect app.

Flowing through the Hubspot oAuth flow

The page reloads and shows that the integration is now set up and the page will look similar to this.

The Hubspot Wiza Integration

Now, if want to further adjust your configuration, simply click on Setup to configure field mappings.

Setting up CRM field mappings in Wiza

This was a much-needed capability added in the May 2022, product updates.

Finding email addresses

We demonstrate the process as part of our first-time login, but let’s do it once again, this time from Sales Navigator.

From Sales Navigator, run a search for Leads.  I searched for John Moore, and see this at the top of my screen.

Searching for John

Now, that’s me, the Founder of Trust Enablement.  Note two buttons that show up:

  • Export emails with Wiza (.csv) – This is a way to down a bulk set of email addresses.
  • Get Email – Just get this one person’s email address.

You’ve already seen the process for a single email address, so let’s look at the CSV export option by clicking on the “Export emails with Wiza” button.

The screen refreshes to show a screen like this.

Options when bulk downloading lead information from Wiza

I want it all, so I choose the right-most option, “Email + Phone”, and the screen again refresh.

Bulk download from Wiza screen two

I choose next and, I decide to use my existing credits to start downloading some information.

My screen changes to this.

Ready, set, start scanning

The scanning process begins, the screen refreshes back to our primary dashboard, and we wait for the information to be gathered.

Scanning in progress

I won’t show you the screen that comes back as there is sensitive information (email addresses and phone numbers).

However, let me point out that:

  • You can choose to sync all, or specific prospect’s, information back to your CRM.
  • Information will be returned as either Green (confirmed) or Yellow (likely but not confirmed)
  • You can share the information amongst a team directly within the product or via the CRM as noted above.
Our takeaway

The product provides a solid ROI in terms of value for the price you pay.

If you are in B2B sales and use LinkedIn as a major portion of your outreach, give Wiza a try; we think you’ll like it.


What is Wiza?

Wiza is a contact scraper platform for getting contact information more effectively from LinkedIn.

Where is Wiza’s Headquarters?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When was Wiza Founded?

Wiza was founded in 2019.

Who is the CEO of Wiza?

Stephen Hakami

Is Wiza a Public or Private company?

Wiza is a privately held company.

What integrations does Wiza have?

Wiza has a Chrome extension that integrates with LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to scrape the contact information. It does have integrations with the following CRM systems: Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and the Outreach outbound marketing platform.

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by Wiza?

Any vertical

What are the secondary verticals supported by Wiza?

Any vertical

What is the average size of Wiza customers in terms of revenue?

Small Businesses

What is the average size of Wiza customers in terms of headcount?

Small Businesses


Product Updates

August 2, 2022

The Wiza team has released a brand new Chrome extension, far more robust than what existed before.  When clicking on a contact in either LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, an intuitive and more feature rich experience is presented.

Wiza Chrome Extension

  • With one-click, the ‘Save to list’ feature will add the contact into Wiza with up to 30 pieces of data. to help enhance your prospecting efforts.
  • The ‘Sync’ capability instantly syncs the contact to your CRM.

This update saves your team’s time while greatly enhancing the effectiveness of their sales prospecting.

May 24, 2022

Wiza 2.0 has been released with updates in key areas including:

  • Field mapping so you can bring data from Wiza into your CRM in the way you want it.
  • Team set up and shared credits – making Wiza a good tool for SDR teams to consider.
  • A much-improved user interface.

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