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What does Vivun do?

Vivun is a Presales Operations and AI-driven Intelligence tool 



What is Vivun?

Vivun is a Presales Operations and AI-driven Intelligence tool 

What integrations does Vivun have?


Who is the CEO of Vivun?

Matthew Darrow

Latest Blog Content from Vivun

  • by Matt Darrow
    We started Vivun to change B2B selling as we knew it. Buyers have become sales-proof. They demand transparency in the product and the process, and to meet their demands you need to deliver brand new experiences. It means giving them immediate access to products that fit—letting them engage with your solutions experts from the very […]
  • by Ramzi Marjaba
    Leadership is a term we hear a lot about these days. Many people have made their career talking and consulting about leadership. Simon Sinek comes to mind. Jocko Willink is a personal favorite of mine since he’s battle-tested.  Who has not heard of the expression “Be a Leader, not a Manager”? There are so many […]
  • by Jessica Lagomarsino
    When you think about creating a startup, you may think about generating products, business plans, funding, and building a customer base, but Vivun’s cofounders added security and compliance to that core delivery of services – making it just as high of a priority as releasing products.  Managing security and compliance at a startup certainly comes […]
  • by Ken Rutsky
    Creating great experiences for your buyers sounds straightforward, right?  In B2B sales, the playbook is tried and true: Identify and qualify if the lead has a business need for your solution Discover their requirements and shape the success criteria Facilitate an evaluation, whether a sandboxed demo environment, a proof of concept (POC), a trial, or […]
  • by Perri Bronson
    “Most companies today are putting buyers through a sales process, not a buying experience…Today’s buyer does not have patience for that less than agile experience,” said BlueYonder CVP of PreSales, Susan Beal when she took the UNXPCTD stage alongside G2 CEO Godard Abel and Synk CMO, Jeff Yoshimura. While Abel and Yoshimura represented C-level GTM […]
  • by Sam Wortman
    Getting PreSales compensation right is mission-critical to building revenue-generating teams that are incentivized to win for the company and themselves.  With little to no public information, we seek to uncloak the mystery around PreSales compensation and empower leaders to create effective plans that help hire and retain top talent. In the 2021 Benchmark Report: The […]
  • by Matt Darrow
    Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Vivun has secured $75M in Series C funding led by Salesforce Ventures, with participation from new investor Tiger Global as well as full participation from existing investors Menlo Ventures, Accel, and Unusual Ventures. The funding will be used to expand Vivun’s Buyer Experience platform, the first of its kind […]
  • by Sam Wortman
    PreSales is a fast-paced, constantly evolving industry that’s been around for decades, developing alongside the ever-growing abundance of products and services which sprang up with computers, the internet, and cloud technologies. Today, product expertise and sales acumen reign and are needed to sell, deliver value, and get hands-on with prospects. Currently, there are 1.8M PreSales […]

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