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An Unbiased Look at Veeva

What is Veeva?

Veeva includes several software solutions focused on helping life science businesses bring their solutions to market.

Note: Veeva announced they are moving their CRM solutions away from the Salesforce platform in 2025.  CEO Peter Gassner said on that same earnings call that they would no longer focus any product development efforts on the MedTech market. “In CRM, our development efforts will focus on Vault CRM for pharma and biotech, and we will not pursue MedTech CRM opportunities at this time.”

While the Veeva cloud based software solution is currently one of the best on the market for the life sciences industry, we recommend considering alternatives such as Pitcher + to maintain the critical data integrity and consistency of staying on the existing CRM solution.

What is Veeva Vault?

Veeva Vault is the content management system offered as part of the Veeva solution.  The Veeva Vault platform is a robust offering for HLS companies using the platform.



Veeva Vault Alternatives

With the upcoming changeover of the underlying Veeva CRM from Salesforce to a home-grown CRM solution, it may be time for you to consider Veeva Vault alternatives such as:

  • Pitcher, running on top of Salesforce CRM.  Pitcher provides many rich content management solutions you expect after using Veeva, world-class life science solutions, and deep integration with Salesforce CRM (and others). 
  • Salesforce Content Management System (CMS).  The Salesforce CMS lacks many of the rich CMS capabilities Veeva users count on, but an entirely infrastructure may be appealing to some.

Rich content management is critical, of course.  However, when evaluating Veeva Vault competitors, consider the following carefully:

  • Support for regulatory compliance requirements.  Regulations across the globe are rapidly evolving and often differ from country to country, state to state.    Tools must support auditing of and support for these rules at all times.
  • Mobile capabilities.  Most sales reps in the broader life sciences industry spend most of their time on the road; mobile access to approved content and support for reduced administrative overhead are huge needs.
  • Deep integration with your CRM.  This is the most significant risk with Veeva Vault as it moves from Salesforce to its homegrown CRM solution.  Ensure any alternative works well with your current CRM (e.g., Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, etc…).
  • Customer support and service.  

Note: As you evaluate Veeva Vault alternatives, connect with us for a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about the pros and cons of various options.

Veeva Commercial Cloud Content Solutions

Veeva offers two fit-for-purpose content platforms:

  • Veeva PromoMats – Commercial content
  • Veeva MedComms – Scientific/medical content 
What is the reason for the two platforms?

With two separate audiences, the two platforms allow companies to have different configurations, rules, approvals, compliance, and governance processes.

And with the risk associated with providing the wrong information to either audience, the two platforms create a clear division, a firewall, between each audience.

In each case, the platform becomes the single source of truth for the respective information.

Veeva DAM?

Veeva has DAM (Digital Asset Management) capabilities built into the Veeva Vault platform (which PromoMats and MedComms sit on top of).  Veeva DAM capabilities include expected tagging and search, storage, and related capabilities, permissions, publishing, and sharing inside and outside the Veeva universe.

Veeva CLM (Closed Loop Markeing)

Veeva CLM leverages data captured in CRM to ensure HCPs, KOLs, and others are appropriately nurtured with the content to support their journey.

Veeva CLM helps reps increase revenue with personalized content and in-the-moment customer experiences tailored to each HCP.

The primary goal of the closed-loop marketing solution is to allow organizations to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience in their multichannel or omnichannel commercial efforts.

Veeva PromoMats

There are different rules and regulations about what content can be shared, how it can be shared, and what it must contain across other regions and countries.  PromoMats comes with various pre-built approval workflows built to support many of these.

Veeva PromoMats helps compliance teams automate, measure, and streamline processes with the following:

  • Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to track overall approval performance while providing sufficient details to pinpoint bottlenecks.
  • A claims library and auto claims linking standardize the process while saving time.
  • Generation of critical compliance documentation (e.g., FDA Form 2253).

Veeva MedComms

Veeva MedComms provide similar capabilities as PromoMats, specifically targeting the needs of the medical/scientific audience.  This includes the following:

  • Medical Inquiry Management — from inquiry through fulfillment while maintaining published SLAs.
  • Read and Understood Workflows

What is Veeva CRM?

Veeva CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM). It is built on CRM, but Veeva plans to develop and release its own CRM solution in the next several years.

Veeva CRM enables businesses to track leads, assign tasks, set reminders, track opportunities, etc.

Mobile access to the Veeva CRM is available through their Veeva iRep application.


What is Veeva iRep?

As noted in the previous section, the Veeva iRep solution brings PromoMats, CRM, and CLM capabilities to the iPad for today’s mobile-first pharma sales rep.   Amongst other things, Veeva iRep includes the following:

  • Integration with PromoMats and Veeva CRM
  • Support for online and offline access
  • Simplified sales rep administration
  • Support for your Veeva rules and workflows

Veeva iRep is an excellent solution for any pharma rep working on the Veeva platform.  

The weaknesses that we hear from customers of iRep include the following:

  • The user interface is not bad, but it is not as user-friendly as other applications they are familiar with on their iPads.
  • Content creation must often be done through agencies to get the best content into the field.  Leads to slower and more expensive acquisition costs.

Vault Learning (the Veeva LMS)

The Veeva LMS system provides essential capabilities for the pharma industry, including:

  • Support for 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signatures
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Playback and reporting on SCORM-based content
  • Playback order controls permit students to jump around or take the content in a specific order.
  • Other standard LMS capabilities.

See this demo of the Veeva LMS.