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Usetiful Review – What You Need To Know (October 2022)

Usetiful is a digital adoption platform you can build product tours, checklists, and tooltips, all without coding!

Usetiful offers a free-forever version. It is well suited for single-page applications and complex SaaS portals., 

Who Uses Usetiful?

Who uses Usetiful?

Note: We have added a Smart Tip to the image above.  Hover over the image to see a simple smart tip in action.

Interactive Product Tours To Deliver Training

Interactive Product Tours have long educated potential buyers, and Usetiful’s approach now makes it inexpensive to use similar technology for training your customer-facing teams.

In this article, we will:

  • Walk you through the process of setting up Usetiful
  • Show you how to create Smart Tips, great for in-context training reinforcement
  • Demonstrate how we create a simple product tour

Note that we are writing this walkthrough against the FREE version.

Let’s start with caveats, as these types of solutions generally have a couple.


Usetiful has the following requirements.

  • The product only works with web-based applications.
  • You will want to install the Chrome Extension to capture areas on the screen for adding tours, tips, and checklists.
  • You must insert a small snippet of JavaScript code into your web application for the product to work with it.  OR, if you use WordPress, install the plug-in.

Getting started with Usetiful

Since this is our first article on Usetiful, we will quickly review the setup process before we dive into using the product for learning delivery.

Install the Chrome Extension

When you first set up the product, it takes you to the Chrome Store to install the extension.

However, if you did not install it, the user interface will always include a helpful link; simply choose the “Preview with plugin” option.

You will also need to navigate to the “Install to your site…” option which presents you with two choices.

Which installation option do you want?

WordPress Note

If you are using the WordPress plug-in, you are asked to enter two keys.  It’s actually the same value that you can find by clicking on the Advanced Set-Up option.  

You will see code similar to:

r.dataset.token = “abcdef123456;

Grab your value (see bolded above) and copy it into both of the plug-in boxes:

Usetiful Plugin Settings

Remember that the data we used in this example is not real data, use what you find in your set up.

If you Don’t use WordPress

If you choose “Anonymous visitors,” you lose tracking capabilities, but all data remains local to the user’s web browser. Your security team will appreciate that.

The choice is to choose “Logged-in users,” which can be valuable for training reinforcement, only showing information to those who have not previously viewed it, for example.

For this walkthrough, we are choosing the Anonymous option. 

Upon doing so, the page refreshes to show you the JavaScript code to insert into the HEAD of your site’s HTML page.

Note:  We tested this set up on a WordPress site, and used the “Insert Headers and Footers Code – HT Script” plug-in to test this code connecting the Usetiful chrome extension to our website.

Creating a Smart Tip

We begin with Smart Tips.

What is a Smart Tip?

Smart Tips allow you to insert helpful popups into the application, whether for interactive product tours or training purposes.

How do we create a Smart Tip?

Choose the “Smart tips” menu option. The page will refresh to look similar to this.

Usetiful Smart Tips Dashboard

Note: Since we currently have no tips configured, the user interface provides a helpful big button to show you where to start. Just click on the “Create Smart Tips” button.

The page now changes to the creation page.

Smart Tip Creation

Click on the target icon next to Element. A popup is displayed asking you what website you will add the tip to; we chose as that is where we added the JavaScript code. 

Select the “Open Page” button, and the website opens.


As you hover over elements on the web page, they highlight to show you the information you will need to place the Smart Tag.

Simply click on the highlighted blue box and the information is copied.

Creating the Smart Tip

We navigate back to Usetiful and paste the element information back into the window, set the tip title, and now see something like this.

Note the important options on this screen include the following.

Display On

  • Choose if you want the Smart Tip to show when you Mouse Over (as the mouse passes over the element)
  • Or, Click, requiring the user to click on the element for the tip to show.
  • Or, Focus, bring the mouse over the element and leave it there.

Orientation against element

  • Do you want to allow Usetiful to place the tip where it feels is best?
  • Or, do you want to set positioning to Right, Left, Top, or Bottom?

Let’s look at the right side of the screen and populate the tip with information.

In addition to standard formatting options, you can:

  • Include images
  • Insert videos from URLs (not uploaded)
  • Add a template (beyond the scope of this article).
  • Insert code from another application (for example, you could embed a YouTube video).

Set your description, set Save and Exit, then the Publish button.

And now, navigate back to the application

Navigate to the application and refresh the browser.

Scroll over the Latest Recommendations and you will see something similar to this.

The Usetiful Smart Tip

You can control the look and feel further with the paid version, but the FREE user interface looks good enough for internal training and interactive product tours.

Create a simple interactive product tour

To create the tour, navigate back to the main menu and choose Tour, which again shows you an easy-to-use screen to get started.  Choose the clearly placed “Create Tour” button.

Creating our tour

The tour creation interface is similar to the smart tip creation screen and flow.

Tours in Usetiful

From this screen you:

  • Set a title or hide it.
  • Set one of the following types:
    • Modal.  Open in the middle of the page
    • Pointer.  Open next to a specific element (you choose the element the same as covered above).
    • Slideout.  Opens from one side of the screen, and you choose Bottom Left or Bottom Right.
  • You name the buttons and add additional ones.

And, on the bottom half of this screen, not visible in the above screenshot, you see more options (shown here with all options selected so as to simplify our walkthrough).

The Usetiful Tour Creation Screen

You can define what prompts the tour to begin if feedback is collected via emojis in the middle of the window

Create the flow to your heart’s content, Save and Exit, then Publish.

Final thoughts

We hope this walkthrough of Usetiful’s training-related capabilities was helpful.

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Product Updates

November 2022
  • With the latest update, Usetiful now supports content versioning, making it easy to revert to previous content as necessary.

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What is Usetiful?

Usetiful is a Digital Adoption Platform focused on user onboarding, feature adoption, and customer self-service. Usetiful is a Dobbytec company.

Where is Usetiful’s Headquarters?

Dobbytec, the owner of Usetiful, is in Estonia.

When was Usetiful Founded?

Dobbytec, the owner of the solution, was founded in 2019.

Is Usetiful a Public or Private company?

Dobbytec, the owner of the solution, is a privately held company.

Usetiful service runs on Google Cloud, with services hosted in Finland. It is unclear if it is truly GDPR compliant, but they do provide recommendations for onboarding users in a GDPR compliant manner.

What integrations does Usetiful have?

Chrome Extension, Requires JavaScript code embedded in the supported web applications.

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Usetiful Competitors

Spekit Logo


The product offers a free version and multiple paid packages.

  • 1 product tour & 1 page with smart tips
  • 2000 assists / month
  • 1 team member

Everything in Free, plus:

  • €29/month
  • Unlimited tours, smart tips, and checklists
  • 5.000 assists / month
  • up to 2 team members
  • Onboarding Checklist
  • Customizable themes for a native look
  • Usage analytics
  • Basic segmentation
  • Priority email support
  • 14-day free trial
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Everything in Plus, and:

  • €99/month
  • Unlimited tours, smart tips, and checklists
  • 20,000 assists / month
  • up to 7 team members
  • No Usetiful watermark
  • Additional account security
  • Email & video support
  • Data Processing Agreement

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Price not provided
  • as many assists as you need
  • as many team members as you need
  • Advanced team permissions
  • Custom contract and DPA
  • Integrations

Usetiful Pricing

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