Second Nature AI Review – What You Need To Know (August 2022)

Second Nature AI is a sales role play solution often used by teams for sales coaching.

While sales role-playing is a piece of an overall coaching program, we should not forget, as covered in The Surrounded Learner Technique, that role-playing is just one piece of an overall coaching strategy–failure to recognize this will result in poorer than expected outcomes.

More on this point in a moment.

Who uses the Second Nature Role Playing Solution?

According to the website, the product is currently used by Zoom, Lookout, Digital AI, SAP, and Check Point.


Who Should Use Second Nature AI?

Any company with a coaching culture struggling to scale its coaching will find value in the Second Nature platform.

Note:  Leverage The Surrounded Learner Technique for a complete solution.

And, we always, in all cases

Recommend you also evaluate e4enable anytime you deploy training or coaching software solutions.  It is not a replacement for these solutions but will maximize their value and allow you to pinpoint programs, at scale, to individuals and teams alike.

(Video) The Second Nature AI Marketing Video


How can solutions like Second Nature AI help your sales team?

First, the bad news

Does practice make perfect?

As the great American football coach, Vince Lombardi, noted: “Practice does not make perfect.  Only perfect practice makes perfect”.

And that is the power of true sales coaching:

  • Practice
  • A personalized feedback loop guiding the person practicing to improve
  • More perfect practice
  • And repeat

It is in the regular feedback loop, combined with regular practice that real progress is made.

Second, the good news

Tools like Second Nature can help sales teams improve as they are delivered as part of a well-structured improvement/enablement program.

With sufficient sales manager involvement with each rep to educate them on achieving a state of perfect practice, they can then use practice to continue reinforcing individual sales perfection.

Who is Jenny?

Jenny is the name of the artificial intelligence character you interact with in the Second Nature platform.  She is a bot that learns and grows more intelligent as you interact with her.

While Jenny is the default bot, you can choose from others.

Second Nature Bot Avatars

Second Nature Integrations

The platform can integrate with your LMS, CRM, and other systems.

Also, each simulation can be downloaded as a SCORM package to be directly uploaded into an LMS system.

What does it take to build a simulation with Second Nature AI?

As with most things related to Enablement, you need to begin by answering a few questions:

  • What behavior are we trying to impact or skill add/refine?
  • What does good behavior, in terms of role play, look like?

Once these questions are answered, sometimes quickly and other times very slowly, building the simulations is straightforward (according to our sources).

  • Bring together the right group of SMEs
  • Create 5-10 examples of “what good looks like”
  • Train the AI engine.

How does Simulation Scoring Work?

The AI will perform extensive scoring, covering pace, ton, the use of filler words, completeness of responses, and much more.

This is amongst the best we have seen to date with other systems.  

Note: The big gap for Second Nature, and all systems in this category, is the lack of scoring for body language, ability to take cultural and language-level differences into account, and scoring of non-English-speaking responses.


Our Quick Take

The solution is worth adding to your tech stack if:

  • You already have a sales team that is bought into role-playing and is struggling to find enough time with sales managers.
  • Sales managers that are competent coaches who can help each seller build their skills, giving them role play to practice with to improve in between coaching sessions.
  • You have time and money to build the simulations you need each team to run.  Since each simulation is custom built, you must determine if the time to build and costs will support the number of role-playing sessions your teams require.

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What is Second Nature?

Second Nature AI lets you scale up your sales coaching. The SaaS solution provides a “virtual pitch partner” that uses conversational AI to have actual discussions with sales reps, score them, and help them improve on their own, so they can ace every sales call.

Where is Second Nature’s Headquarters?

Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

When was Second Nature Founded?

Data Dwell was founded in 2018

Who is the CEO of Second Nature?

Ariel Hitron

Is Second Nature AI a Public or Private company?

Second Nature AI is a privately held company.

How much money has Second Nature raised?

Second Nature has raised $15.5 million.

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