An Unbiased Look at Sales Enablement SalesApps

Sales Enablement SalesApps

What does SalesApps do?

Sales Enablement Salesapps, the application which transforms your client meetings

Boost your salesforces, motivate your teams! Salesapps, your Mobile Sales Enablement tablet application suitable for your sales forces, directors and marketing teams. Quick and simple access to all the information that your teams need to succeed in their sale.



What is SalesApps?

Sales Enablement Salesapps, is the application that transforms your client meetings.

Where is SalesApp’s Headquarters?

Paris, Ile-de-France, France

What integrations does SalesApps have?


Who is the CEO of SalesApps?

Frédéric Poulet

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Sales Enablement Salesapps has one price offering – 20 £/user/month. (minimum of 20 users).


* Tax and vat excluded

Setup fees of £1,000 for the first platform plus £500 per additional platform (iOS, Android or Windows). This includes:

Telephone assistance in the development of your file tree structure
Telephone support throughout the construction of your application
Telephone training of your administrator in the use of the back office

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