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An Unbiased Look at Pitcher

What does Pitcher do?

Pitcher is life sciences company’s leading all-in-one e-detailing and sales enablement solution.

It differentiates itself from other enablement platforms through a plethora of deep industry-specific solutions, and it differentiates from leading solutions like Veeva through a deep CRM integration with Salesforce (which Veeva is moving away from), Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and Oracle.

Pitcher refers to its application as the Pitcher Super App, and it is an intuitive and all-in-one application, which makes it easier for field sales and marketing professionals to plan for, execute and analyze their customers’ interactions–while supporting your field sales, KAMs, and MSLs to create engaging and informative value with every HCP interaction.

For the reasons above, we recommend Pitcher for any life sciences business, especially those in Pharmaceutical sales, MedTech, and related industries.


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Key Features and Capabilities

Pitcher is a world-class solution for pharma and medtech sellers.


Check out these vital capabilities.


Yes. Pitcher supports edetailing (and remote detailing), enabling your field representatives, medical science liaisons, and key account managers to enhance their communication with healthcare providers by utilizing directed content tailored to the individual customer and complies with regulations.

Omnichannel Support

Engage with HCPs where they want, across the right channel for each audience.  SMS, Social, Email, and so on.

Pharma Compliant Content Sharing

Related to omnichannel support, ensure that content is only shared when and where it should be to each HCP.

Sample and Order Management

Manage your samples and orders effectively, even on the go.

Sales Route Planning

Plan your meetings effectively to maximize your HCP visits and enhance your pharma HCP engagement.

Key Account Management

Joint business planning to ensure everyone achieves the results that matter most to them.

Digital Sales Rooms

Use a personalized and secure online portal where your teams can communicate, manage engagement and collaborate with an HCP account across the entire client relationship lifecycle.


Content usage, sentiment analysis, and more to ensure you know how each deal performs.

Support for Pharmacy Store Audit

Is it necessary that your merchandise is laid out in the store correctly?  Do planograms excite you?  Use Pitcher to execute your next pharmacy store audit.

Key Integrations

Pitcher integrates with the following CRM systems:  Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Additional integrations can be found on their website and include, amongst others: Conga, Veeva Vault, Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, and Adobe AEM.

Benefits of Using Pitcher for Life Sciences

Commercial teams across the life science industry will benefit from working with Pitcher.  These benefits include:

  • Sample Management with GxP-compliant sample drops from warehouse to employee to HCPs signatures. 
  • Order Management with order recommendation based on a smart mobile pricing engine (incl. CPQ).
  • Field teams speed up administrative tasks with automatic updates to your CRM.
  • Consent capture and access to up-to-date approved content only.
  • Auditability and analysis of content shared through omnichannel communications.
  • Content automation and next-best content suggestions based on your customer segments.
  • Full integration with your CRM, CMS, and ERP (online or offline).
  • Close the marketing loop, and track, analyze, and enhance your content through actionable insights.
  • Real-time actionable insights by collecting client sentiment during the presentation.

Is Pitcher Right For You?

Connect with us for a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about the pros and cons of various options.