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Paperflite Review – What You Need To Know (June 2022)

Paperflite Review and Walkthrough

Paperflite should feel familiar to anyone who’s used other sales enablement content solutions, with the standard home screen spotlighting key content.

Paperflite home screen

Let’s start with a basic scenario.

How to run effective sales meetings using Paperflite

Sales meetings have three primary stages: Preparation, Delivery, and Follow-up. Let’s cover each of these stages using Paperflite.

For this article, we only focus on aspects of meeting preparation related to the application; other vital processes are not discussed here.

Preparing For Effective Sales Meetings Using Paperflite

Effective meeting preparation should include organizing the files and presentations you plan to share during the sales meeting.

It should also include having easy access to the content you need due to unexpected questions.

Let’s look at both.

Paper does an excellent job delivering on these needs via its Collections capabilities. Think of Collections as a good, easy-to-use Deal Room.

Paperflite’s implementation of Deal Rooms is amongst the best we’ve seen in any Enablement platform thus far.

The paperflite collection home page

Collections provide:

  • A central location for members of the sales team and members of a prospects buying committee to share the content (PDFs, Videos, Images, and so forth)
  • For prospects to easily connect and follow-up with the lead salesperson on the team, chat capabilities and call-to action buttons
  • Activities around what content is opened and for how long are tracked, giving sellers a clear picture of which pieces of content are most relevant to this buyer.
  • When the seller adds content to the Collection, it is automatically visible IF the Collection is set to Live Collection

To prepare for this meeting, we begin with Collection creation.

Creating a new Paperflite collection

Provide a name, add URLs, content you already have loaded into the hub, or from your local hard drive.

We won’t bore you with screen shots of selecting files — here is the deal room we just created.

A Paperflite collection

Here are a few things to note before sending this to your prospects ahead of your meeting.

  • You can mark this as a template. If, for example, you use a standard set of files for specific types of outreach, create template Collections and use those templates for creating future collections.
  • By default, the Collection is not “Live”. Live collections are dynamic; any future files you add are visible to the prospects automatically. You’ll probably want to turn on Live for your Collections by default.
  • You can add more assets to them.
  • You can Collaborate on the collection. Collaboration is powerful as deals move along, pulling in additional people from your business to add value as questions arise.

You can edit the collection and Share it too. Let’s now explore both of those options.

Editing the Collection

Choosing Edit opens a screen that allows a few powerful capabilities.

Editing our collection

As you would expect, you can add a name and description, with the description providing you a standard Wysiwyg editor that allows you to add formatting, and:

  • URLs.
  • Embed Codes. You can use this to embed YouTube videos and other components to embed them into web pages.
  • CTAs. Call to action buttons. You can place these anywhere within the title or description area, change the button color and text, and set a URL that is opened when you click on the button. For example, good use cases can be to Calendar links for booking meetings.
  • You can also see to the right of Placeholders. These are replacement parameters that allow you to send the collection to a group of people and ensure it is personalized to some extent for each person. Consider an SDR that spent the day making phone calls that send out the collection to everyone they chatted with earlier at some regular interval.

Alright, we’ve built out the collection and are now ready to share it with our prospects; choose to Generate Link.

Generating a link to share this collection

The options are straightforward and depend on choosing to use Paperflite. Paperflite views itself as serving the entire buyer journey, from top of the funnel through the bottom of the funnel, and these options speak to that:

  • Personalized link. When you send it to the meeting attendees you will be meeting with; you use this option. The link you generate will be unique to this group.
  • Anonymous link. If you want to share your Collection on your website, where you are not necessarily tracking who is viewing it, it is for informational purposes.
  • Campaign link. Paperflite can manage top-of-funnel marketing campaigns. If you’ve created a campaign in Paperflite, you will use this option to tie the Collection to the Campaign.

Let’s choose a personalized link, add an email address to send this to, and expand as shown here.

Note that you will share this link from your own email client, creating your email there, not here.

However, before we send that email, click on the Advanced Settings option.

  • You can control access via password.
  • You can allow or disallow sharing.
  • You can set an expiration date.
  • And, you can require an NDA. The NDA functionality is presented as a Terms and Conditions link that the prospect must accept prior to opening the Collection.

When viewing the collection, we need to provide confirmation that we accept the NDA terms, and see a screen like this. Yes, I went busy with my design. 🙂

We just need to accept the NDA

Delivering Effective Sales Meetings Using Paperflite

We can continue working directly within the Collection when delivering sales meetings using Paperflite.

The prospect can open the deal room and follow along in person, on the phone, or via a live meeting.

The presentation viewing capabilities are sufficient, albeit a bit lighter than some of the competitors in the space. The experience is the same as it is for the seller:

Viewing a video file in the Paperflite collection

  • The content flows automatically from content piece to content piece, making navigation simple.
  • You can zoom most content types to full screen.
  • The video player comes with standard controls so you can play, pause, and play the content at faster speeds.
  • You cannot draw on the slide.
  • You cannot leave notes to refer back to after the meeting.

Note PDFs are similar, with the ability to easily navigate between the pages.

Viewing a PDF file in the Paperflite collection

Note: You see the View Your Library icon when viewing the content or in the Collections view. This icon is visible once you’ve viewed at least a couple of Paperflite collections. Clicking this icon will take you to a screen to select any Collections you have viewed.

Meeting Following Up With Paperflite

Meeting follow-up from SalesHood continues to occur directly in the Collection.

As noted already, you can continue to add new content to the Collection as questions arise through the deal cycle (as long as the Collection is Live).

As the prospect views your collections, you will receive email alerts, giving you a heads up that someone engages with your content. The email will tell you the piece of content viewed and the viewer’s email address.

To determine how your Collections are doing, you could dive into the reports. However, a more accessible place to look is under Conversations; let’s go there.

Examining the viewing activities

We love that you can easily do the following from this view:

  • Determine which pieces of content the prospects are engaging with, how often they view the content, and how much they listen/watch/read.
  • You can easily revoke access to the collection from this screen.
  • You can click on the viewer’s name to see what else they have done in Paperflite:

Viewing details for a specific user

As with all of the products we review on GTMSoftware, the capabilities are deep

and we are only scratching the surface on this initial article.


Paperflite has done an excellent job of delivering an easy-to-use, powerful interface. The user interface is similar to many market leaders, with a few ease of use improvements.

If you are running sales meetings using Paperflite, you can have confidence in the solution you are using.

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Where is Paperflite’s Headquarters?

Wyoming, DE

When was Paperflite Founded?

Paperflite was founded in 2017

Who is the CEO of Paperflite?

Vinoth Kumar

Is Paperflite a Public or Private company?

Paperflite is a privately held company.

How much money has Paperflite raised?

With seed funding, Paperflite had initially raised $400K.

What security standards have Paperflite achieved

Paperflite is GDPR Compliant, and, being hosted on Amazon Web Services, can state compliance to other critical standards. Learn more.

What integrations does Paperflite have?

Integrations include CRMs such as Salesforce, Freshsales, Hubspot, Klenty, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics, and Marketing automation platforms such as Marketo SalesLoft, Outreach, Eloqua, and Email systems such as Gmail, and Outlook, and Paperfltie also has a Chrome Extension.

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by Paperflite?

Customers across all the verticals as the platform is industry agnostic and works best across any industry.

What is the average size of Paperflite customers in terms of revenue?

An indicative figure would be about $50M as the average might vary due to enterprises with revenue in billions

What is the average size of Paperflite customers in terms of headcount?

This response for this count can be skewed with a few companies on either extreme. However, the average headcount of companies buying and using the products is about 5000+

Company Response to Our Questions

Why Buy?

Why do customers buy from you?
  • An industry-best product/solution that stands out and performs exceptionally well
  • Outstanding support to make the customer successful in implementation/usage
  • Connects them with their target audience (buyers & customers) seamlessly and better
  • Solves their content problem efficiently and effortlessly
  • An extension of their existing ecosystem
  • Ability to connect content with revenue
  • Enable sales and build a better connection with marketing & sales
When they go with a competitor, why do they make that choice?
  • Relatively young.
  • Not a long presence in the market.
What makes you different from the other solutions?
  • An exceptional product that’s simple and easy to use
  • A personal connection with the customer
  • Focussed on solving the problem than selling the product
  • Product features that are superior, relevant, and ahead of the curve

DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)

What is the business doing to improve DEIB in the organization, from front-line to executive table to board room?

What is the business doing to improve DEIB in the organization, from front-line to executive table to board room?

  • From the gender ratio standpoint, Paperflite is ahead of the industry with a ratio of 3:2. The customer-facing team has a ratio of 4:1 (4 women to every man)
  • Paperflite also has invested heavily in inclusive growth and there is an outreach program to nurture, educate and certify under-privileged students.
  • We also donate to 7 charities and tie with it the on-boarding and reviews. For instance, for every review from the user – we donate $50 to the charity of their choice.

Trust Enablement Analysis

How did Paperflite’s Product Do for Content Reporting?

Paperflite achieved a rating of “Level 3: Informative” based upon the index, meaning:

  • Can tie content usage to a specific account/deal/stage and provide revenue attribution to its usage.
  • May be able to measure the impact of content on:
    • Deal stage velocity
    • Deal stage exit %
    • Overall Deal Velocity
    • Win Rate
  • Can identify what content is never being used in deals.

Paperflite Competitors

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