Moosend Review – What You Need To Know (July 2022)

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How well does Moosend drip software work?

It is a great tool for drip email campaigns. It includes a wide range of features, including autoresponders, email templates, web forms, and integrations with a variety of third-party services.

As they note in their G2 profile:

It is a powerful email marketing automation software with world-class features, state-of-the-art automation flows, and lead generation tools that help you grow your business from day one whilst maintaining an award-winning all-in-one user interface.


Who Uses Moosend?

Who uses Moosend?

Who Should Buy Moosend

Moosend is an outstanding option for those looking to set up email automation campaigns, from one-offs to drip-style campaigns.

If you are a creating customer onboarding sequences or any other type of structured, ordered, email outreach, you should consider Moosend.

Their pricing allows solopreneurs and small business owners to leverage their tools, and their functionality, scalability, and security is solid, making them a great fit for enterprise companies.

Walking Through Moosend

When you first create your Moosend account, you are presented with a helpful onboarding experience to guide you through the set up process.

The Moosend onboarding experience

For this walkthrough, we’ll set up Moosend on one of our properties, Real Estate Software.

This property, which is not completed at the time of this writing, will help Real Estate Investors, Brokers, and Agents, find the tools and information they need to succeed.

Let’s Connect Moosend to Real Estate Software.

Back in Moosend, we click on the Connect your website button.

The screen updates, asking for the URL, so we add “” in the text box, and hit enter.

Getting your Moosend website id

The page will update with your ID, copy yours and save it to the side.  Simply click on Configure, and you’ll receive options for installing:

  • Via a custom script
  • Woocommerce
  • Segment
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • ZenCart
  • CSCart
  • Prestashop

Since our site is built in WordPress, we will use the custom script option.

And wow…

You receive an overwhelming number of Javascript code blocks to capture a variety of activities.

For now, to start, just copy the first code block as we will need this for setting up the basic integration.

Back in our WordPress site

You now have JavaScript code that you need to drop into the HEAD section of your WordPress pages.

If you know how to do that, great!

If not, install a plugin like Header Footer Code Manager (HFCM) which simplifies this part of the process.

header footer plugin

Once installed, use the plugin to “Add New Snippet”.

Set the Snippet type to JavaScript, and copy/paste the Custom Installation JavaScript code from Moosend into the Code area of HFCM.



Save the snippet code in WordPress, clear any WordPress cache you may be using, and you have now successfully connected Moosend to your site.

Back in Moosend, the website will initially show as Unverified.

The other option-the Moosend plugin

Yes, we are using WordPress, so why not just install the Moosend plugin.

The Moosend plugin

It’s well maintained, so WordPress users can, and probably should, just use this plugin.

Remember that ID we copied off to the side at the beginning.

The plugin asks for this, so if you go the plugin route, just use this and skip the HFCM plugin.

Which path is best?

We showed you both because our rule of thumb is always to use the fewest number of plugins possible.

If you are already using a plugin to install JavaScript code into your website’s header or footer, stick with it.  If not, go simple and use the Moosend plugin.

Now, Create our Email Lists

The next step in onboarding is to create our email list.

Creating our email list in Moosend

So we click on the Audience Menu, choose Email lists.  From here, click on the New button to create your first email list.

Creating your first email list


If you are just beginning, you have no members to import, so your lit is ready to go.

The key, is to finish setting up your email configuration, your From email address, before creating our campaign.

Finalizing Initial Email Configuration

Using the menu in the upper right corner, navigate to Settings, and then Add New.

You will be prompted to enter a name and email address – these are what will your contacts will see as the From address, so ensure it makes sense for the emails you plan to send.

For us, in this walkthrough, we simply use “Real Estate Software” as the name, and [email protected] as the email address.

Note:  You now need to click on the “Set up SPF/DKIM” button and set up the appropriate DNS records.  Since each provider is different, we will not go through this part of the process in this walkthrough.

Collecting Email Addresses

We have accomplished quite a bit, but we still haven’t fully set up Moosend on Real Estate Software.

What’s missing?

A form for people to subscribe to our emails.

In Moosend, click on the Growth Tools, Subscription Forms menu.  Choose Create New and you will be presented with options:

  • Pop-up
  • Inline
  • Floating bar
  • Floating box
  • Full screen

We choose Pop-up — choose what’s right for you.

Moosend guides you through the process of configuring the subscription form, designing it, and so forth.

Remember to choose the right email list. 🙂

When you publish the popup, it ask you where to publish.  Since we already connected our website, that is listed as an option.

As soon as we publish, the form shows up on the site.

the new Moosend email collection form

That’s it for now. 

There is a lot more you can do with Moosend, explore, and keep coming back as we’ll add more in the near future.


Product Updates

June 2022

A brand new email editor has been rolled out.

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What is Moosend?

Moosend is a powerful email marketing automation software with world-class features, state-of-the-art automation flows, and lead generation tools that help you grow your business from day one whilst maintaining an award-winning all-in-one user interface.

Where is Moosend’s Headquarters?

London, England, United Kingdom

When was Moosend Founded?

Moosend was founded in 2012

Is Moosend a Public or Private company?

Moosend is now owned by Sitecore.

What integrations does Moosend have?

Moosend has dozen’s of integrations with key systems and supports others via Zapier.

Moosend Competitors

Mailchimp Logo
GetResponse Logo


The Free 30-day trial provides prospects with an opportunity to get comfortable with the platform.

Beyond the Free trial, there are two pricing tiers:

  • $9/user/month for up to 500 subscribers.
  • Pricing not provided
  • Custom Reporting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Support
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)

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