An Unbiased Look at Mindtickle

What does Mindtickle do?

Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform, used by sales enablement teams and sales readiness experts to prepare sales reps for effective sales conversations.



What is Mindtickle?

Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform.

Where is Mindtickle’s Headquarters?

San Francisco, California, United States

When was Mindtickle Founded?

Mindtickle was founded in 2011.

Is Mindtickle a Public or Private company?

Mindtickle is a privately held company.

How much money has Mindtickle raised?

Mindtickle has raised $281M.

Who is the CEO of Mindtickle?

Krishna Gopal Depura

What integrations does Mindtickle have?

Integrations:  Several key integrations, including Seismic, Highspot, Mediafly, Salesforce, Veeva, Slack

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Mindtickle Competitors

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Certified Customer Feedback

We have reached out to existing users of every product included on our site.  As we receive their feedback, and confirm its accuracy, we will include it here.

Reviewer Industry: Performance Coaching & Sales Training

What do you use this product for?
Great platform to not only build out training/courses that are interactive, but it also has great analytics and can involve leadership in coaching/reviews in preparation for 1:1’s.

Number of customer-facing teammates supported: 3

Number of people on your Enablement team: 1

What have you most enjoyed about working with this vendor and/or using their products?
See above

Where does the vendor, or their product, have the most room for improvement?
More integrations, I’m not sure if they have one with Gong but I believe the coaching platform will be better enhanced if it’s integrated into the team’s daily work.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to use this product again if the decision was completely up to you?  9

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