Mailchimp – What You Need To Know Now (May 2022)

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What does Mailchimp do?

Mailchimp’s all-in-one Marketing Platform helps small businesses market smarter so you can grow faster. As the backbone for your customer relationships, they provide AI-powered, user-friendly tools anyone can use to be successful. Mailchimp puts your audience at the center so you can send marketing emails and automated messages, create targeted ad campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, facilitate reporting and analytics, and sell online.

Millions of businesses and individuals – from community organizations to Fortune 100 companies – trust Mailchimp to connect with their audience with the right message, at the right time, in the right place. Founded in 2001 and based in Atlanta, GA, Mailchimp has 1000+ employees and is privately held.



What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp’s all-in-one Marketing Platform helps small businesses market smarter so you can grow faster. Learn more on Trust Enablement.

Where is Mailchimp’s Headquarters?

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

When was Mailchimp Founded?

Mailchimp was founded in 2001

Who is the CEO of Mailchimp?

Ben Chestnut

Is Mailchimp a Public or Private company?

Mailchimp is a privately held company.

What integrations does Mailchimp have?

Mailchimp has hundreds of integrations.

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by Mailchimp?

Retail, High Tech, Marketing

What are the secondary verticals supported by Mailchimp?

Nonprofits, Restaurants, Healthcare

What is the average size of Mailchimp customers in terms of revenue?

Less than $10M

What is the average size of Mailchimp customers in terms of headcount?

Less than 10.

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Mailchimp Competitors

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Common Questions

How to Send a Test Email in Mailchimp

To send a test email in Mailchimp, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Campaigns.
  • Open the campaign you want to test.
  • In the top right corner of the campaign builder, click on the drop-down arrow next to the Send button and select Send Test.
  • Enter the email address you want to send the test message to and click Send Test.
  • Check your inbox to view the test email.
  • Repeat as often as needed until you are happy with the results.
What Are Cleaned Contacts In Mailchimp?

A cleaned contact is an email address that has been marked as invalid due to a soft or hard bounce.

What is a soft bounce?

A soft bounce is an email that is returned due to a temporary issue, such as a full mailbox.

What is a hard bounce?

A hard bounce is an email that is returned because the email address does not exist or is no longer active.

How do you view Cleaned Contacts?

Go to your Lists page and select the Cleaned Contacts tab.

How To Get Mailchimp API Key?

The API key is used for certain integrations and APIs. To find or create:

  • Click on your profile name in the top right corner.
  • Select Extras and then API keys.
  • Click the Create a Key button.
  • Name your key and click the Save button.
How Do I Create A Mailing List In Mailchimp?

To create a mailing list:

  • Click on the Lists tab.
  • In the top right corner, click on the Create List button.
  • Give the list a name and click on the Save button.
  • Add contacts to your list by clicking on the Add Contacts button — or import contacts from a file.


Mailchimp offers three paid packages and comes with a FREE plan limited to 2000 contacts and:

  • 2000 contacts
  • Marketing Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  • Creative Assistant
  • Website Builder
  • Mailchimp Domain
  • Forms & Landing Pages

The paid plans are:


Everything in the FREE plan, plus:

  • $11/month (starting point)
  • Email & Landing Page Templates
  • Customer Journey Builder
  • Custom Branding
  • A/B Testing
  • 24/7 Email & Chat Support

Everything in the Essentials plan, plus:

  • $17/month (starting point)
  • Customer Journey Builder + Branching Points
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Custom Templates
  • Dynamic Content

Everything in the Standard plan, plus:

  • $299/month (starting point)
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Comparative Reporting
  • Unlimited Seats & Role-Based Access
  • Phone & Priority Support

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