An Unbiased Look at LevelJump

What does LevelJump do?

LevelJump is a sales training platform built within Salesforce.



What is LevelJump?

LevelJump is a sales training platform built within Salesforce.

Where is LevelJump’s Headquarters?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When was LevelJump Founded?

LevelJump was founded in 2014.

Who is the CEO of What is LevelJump?

David Bloom

Is LevelJump a Public or Private company?

LevelJump was purchased by Salesforce in October 2021.

What integrations does What is LevelJump have?

Salesforce, Gong

When considering competitors and alternatives, you should consider the following.

  • Salesforce acquired the company in October of 2021. Deeper integrations are likely to be in the works.
  • Spekit works very well in Salesforce CRM using the Google Chrome browser. It also works within the Salesforce One mobile application.
  • The other LevelJump competitors are not native Salesforce solutions, and each work will work similarly. Saleshood, as a Trusted and Certified vendor, is our top recommendation in this group, but Allego and Showpad are worth evaluating as well.
LevelJump AlternativesSpekitSalesHood
Primary IndustrySaaS, Financial Institutions, Staffing, Call CentersTechnology, Clean Technology, Health Technology
Funding Raised To Date$61M$1.8M
ProsVery easy to set up and use optionA complete Sales Enablement Solution (Content + Training + Coaching)
ConsGoogle Chrome browser is required to use most of the functionality.Not natively integrated into Salesforce
PricingSpekit Basics

Spekit Premium

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IntegrationsSalesforceSlack, Chrome Extension, Microsoft Outlook Add-inPower BI, Tableau, Salesforce
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