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What does Guru do?

Guru is a company wiki that works in your workflow, so the information you need to do your job is always at your fingertips. With Guru, your team can create, share, access, and update information right in the context of their existing workflow. Guru brings contextual, expert-verified information to the places you’re already working, like Slack, Teams, Email, CRM, your Chrome browser and more.


Guru FAQs

What is Guru?

Guru is a company wiki that works in your workflow, so the information you need to do your job is always at your fingertips.

What integrations does Guru have?

A full list of Integrations includes Slack, Chrome Extension, Microsoft Teams, atSpoke, Azure, Confluence, degreed, Demodesk, Drift, Freshworks, Front, GoSquared, Gmail, Instructure, Intercom, Iorad, Kustomer, LearnUpon, Lessonly, LiveChat, LivePerson, MaestroQA, Outlook, OKTA, OneLogin, Salesforce, Scribe, Showpad, Skilljar, SnapEngage, Vidyard, Wistia, Workato, Workramp, Youtube, Zapier, Zendesk

Who is the CEO of Guru?

Rick Nucci

Latest Blog Content from Guru

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    It’s no secret that the world of work is going through a monumental change. We’ve gone from seeing remote and flexible working options shift from being a “nice-to-have” perk to an expected necessity. With the “when” and “where” of work changing, the “how” isn’t very far behind. 
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    We’re quickly approaching the holiday season! Aside from spending time thinking about get-togethers and gifts, there are plenty of people who are prepping to step away from work to celebrate. 
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    Striking the right chord with employee engagement  We’re big fans of music at Guru, so I’d like to start with a story about trying to create beautiful music. Imagine that you’re in charge of an orchestra, and you’ve given your musicians the instruction to start making music. One group of musicians starts playing chamber music. […]
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    HR leaders don’t have it easy. It seems that every day there’s a new trend, buzzword, or hot take for them to weigh in on.
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    Every company has an ongoing fight with efficiency — but if the pressure has seemed to ramp up on finding ways to cut costs over the past 6 or so months, you’re not alone. When facing an economic downturn, prudent organizations will look to maintain, if not profitability, then at least runway. What that looks […]
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    Last week, as a Charter Council Member, I had the opportunity to attend the Charter Workplace Summit. My goal was to help build a playbook for an agile, inclusive, and innovative workplace of the future. According to its website, Charter’s mission is to transform every workplace and catalyze a new era of dynamic organizations where […]
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    "The discussions about budget reductions come as Mr. Ryan has expressed annoyance with senior newsroom leaders at what he sees as a lack of productivity by some journalists at the paper. Last fall, he asked for the company’s chief information officer to pull records on which days employees held videoconference meetings, as a way to […]
  • by
    In case you missed it, Knowledge Fest, Guru’s 2-day, free, virtual event was packed with insights for the new world of work. Focused on the intersection of knowledge sharing, collaboration, internal communication, and remote work, our speakers shared their success stories and best practices with a very enthusiastic audience.


The Guru Sales Enablement platform has four pricing options.

  • Up to 3 users.
  • Chrome Browser Extension
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams App
  • Verification

For teams that only need this functionality, but have more users, you can pay $5/user/month.

  • $10/user/month
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Knowledge Alerts
  • Analytics
  • Duplicate Triggers
  • Knowledge Triggers
  • $20/user/month
  • AI Suggest Text
  • AI Suggest Expert
  • Ticket Linking

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