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An Unbiased Look at Freshdesk

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What does Freshdesk do?

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software that enables businesses of all sizes to deliver stellar customer support.

Freshdesk converts requests coming in via email, web, phone, chat, and social into tickets, and unifies ticket resolution across channels. Additionally, Freshdesk lets you automate workflows, provide self-service, manage SLAs, and measure metrics, so you can stay on top of all things customer support. Freshdesk also offers out-of-the-box features like an AI-powered support chatbot, predictive support capabilities, and field service management.


Latest Blog Content

  • by Akshaya Srikanth
    Customer service is crucial to the success of a business. If you’re new to the concept of customer service or just want to keep yourself up to date with the latest trends, we’ve got you covered.   What is customer service? Customer service refers to the support, solutions, and advice you provide to your customers… […]
  • by Varnika Om
    What is the most important thing you can do to reduce churn and increase word-of-mouth referrals? The answer is obvious, but it’s often overlooked: improve your customer service. No matter how awesome you think your product is, or how skilled your customer support team is, your customers are most likely to remember the direct interaction… […]
  • by Varnika Om
    Helpdesk software is designed to streamline customer conversations from across channels into one view, keep track of service requests, and resolve customer issues efficiently. Hence, it’s important to choose the right helpdesk software and implement best practices to make the most of your investment. With helpdesk software, it becomes easier to delight your customers and… […]
  • by Varnika Om
    Measuring your Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the most effective way to gauge customer satisfaction. NPS dates back to 2003, when Fred Reichheld, a partner at Bain & Company, introduced a novel way of measuring how pleased your customers are with the products and services you deliver. If you’re unfamiliar with NPS, this guide will… […]
  • by Rohit Viswanathan
    What is customer service management? At a conference in 1997, Steve Jobs famously replied to a provocative question from an audience member about the company’s strategy at the time: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology—not the other way around.“ Today, many companies have forgotten that the essence… […]
  • by Krishna Charan
    Every growing customer support team needs a standardized customer service process. Without proper guidelines in place, your agents would be left in the dark, not knowing how to approach an issue, leading to duplication in effort and a delayed response time for customers. While using a ticketing system can help automate certain actions, it is… […]
  • by Varnika Om
    The pandemic redefined retail shopping throughout the world. According to McKinsey, customers made more online purchases and embraced modes such as curbside pickup, online pickup in the store, and self-checkout. Furthermore, those changes have persisted even as the world has opened back up. Around 70% of people who were new to self-checkout in 2020 say… […]
  • by Ida Jessie Sagina
    There are many moving parts in play when trying to explain, let alone execute, an exceptional customer experience. It truly takes a village and a good customer experience strategy to get things done effectively.  Staying on top of your CX strategy is vital as customer behavior and digital channels of engagement continue to change how… […]



There are three paid packages, and a free version too.

Here are the packages:

  • Unlimited Agents
  • Email & Social Ticketing 
  •  Ticket Dispatch 
  •  Knowledge Base 
  •  Ticket Trend Report 
  •  Datacenter Location 
  •  Team Collaboration

Everything in FREE, plus:

  • $15/user/month
  • Automation 
  •  Collision Detection 
  •  Marketplace Apps 
  •  Helpdesk Report 
  •  SLA & Business hour 
  •  Custom Email Server
  •  Custom Ticket Views
  •  Ticket Fields & Status
  •  Custom SSL
  •  Customer Fields
  •  Timesheet summary report
  •  Time tracking

Everything in Growth, plus:

  • $49/user/month
  •  Round-robin Routing 
  •  Custom Roles 
  •  Custom Reports and Dashboards 
  •  Customer Segments 
  •  Versions in Knowledge Base 
  •  Multiple Products (up to 5) 
  •  Includes up to 5000 Collaborators 
  •  Extendable API Limits
  •  CSAT Survey & Reports
  •  Multiple SLA & Business hours
  •  SLA Reminder & Escalation
  •  Multilingual Knowledge Base
  •  Custom Apps
  •  Average handling Time (AHT)


Everything in Pro, plus:

  • $79/user/month
  • Skill-based Routing 
  •  Sandbox 
  •  Audit Log 
  •  Knowledge Base Approval Workflow Track, review, approve, and publish knowledge base articles.
  •  Agent Shifts 
  •  IP Range Restriction 
  •  Email Bot  FREDDY
  •  Includes 5000 bot sessions/month 
  •  Assist Bot  FREDDY
  •  Auto-triage  FREDDY
  •  Article Suggester  FREDDY
  •  Robo Assist  FREDDY
  •  Canned Response Suggester  FREDDY
  •  Multiple products (Unlimited)
  •  Social Signals 

Freshdesk Support Desk Pricing

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