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What does do? is the fastest growing and most buyer-centric enablement platform available in the market. Our sole mission is to foster trust and transparency in B2B sales. consolidates, coordinates, and compiles all the necessary resources to align to the buyer’s journey and facilitate decision-making. In the new normal, sellers need flexible and purpose-built solutions to meet buyers asynchronously in a digital-first world. saves hours monthly to personalize the way buyers interact with sellers in our innovative digital sales room. Sales rooms incorporate marketing content, seller-created resources, and authentic customer-created referrals, all in one place. Each room is custom-built for each unique opportunity. Rooms are created from the library, facilitating buyers and sellers to collaborate seamlessly.

Primary Use Case:

  • Organizing and finding content
  • Distributing relevant deal content in one room for buyers and sellers
  • Mutual action planning
  • Collaboration and communication between buyers and sellers

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What is is the fastest growing and most buyer-centric enablement platform available in the market.

Where is’s Headquarters?

San Francisco, California, United States

When was Founded? was founded in 2020.

Who is the CEO of

Jinal Jhaveri

Is a Public or Private company? is a private company.

How much money has raised? has raised $4.5M.

What integrations does have?

Zoom, RingCentral, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Sharepoint. Find more here.

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by

Education, Healthcare, eCommerce, AI, Technology, Construction, Enterprise SAAS

What is the average size of customers in terms of revenue?

We service a wide range of companies anywhere from ~500k – ~150 million

What is the average size of customers in terms of headcount?

We service startups to very large organizations

Company Response to Our Questions

Why Buy?

Why do customers buy from you?

In short, buyers want to optimize the management of their deals from open to close. Things like:

  • Make it easy for sellers to find and organize content
  • Make it easy for sellers to distribute, manage, and track their content throughout the deal cycle all from one evergreen link
  • Make it easy for buyers to consume, share, and coordinate their evaluation teams
  • Make it easy for sellers to map out the steps they need to execute with buyers to close deals
When they go with a competitor, why do they make that choice?

At the moment we are not seeing many head to head losses. The few we’ve had recently really centered around additional functionality required to support very large enterprises.

What makes you different from the other solutions?

We’ve taken a buyer first approach to digital sales rooms. That means that we work backwards from the vision of making it easy for buyers to buy and sellers to sell. Our platform is a modern approach to legacy content management systems. Buyers typically select Enable because it has a modern look and feel that buyers and sellers enjoy using.

DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)

What is the business doing to improve DEIB in the organization, from front-line to executive table to board room?

Enable’s approach is to promote and foster diversity whenever possible. We are a multi-cultural and multi-gender organization. We have a team based in Costa Rica as well as the United States.

Trust Enablement Analysis

How did Enable’s Product Do for Content Reporting?’s product achieved a rating of “Level 2: Basic” based upon the index, meaning:

  • Can tie content usage to a specific account/deal/stage but no insights on impact.
  • Can easily identify what content is never being used in deals.


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