ChurnZero – What You Need To Know Now (May 2022)

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What does ChurnZero do?

ChurnZero’s real-time customer success platform helps subscription businesses fight customer churn. Our platform is uniquely designed to integrate with CRM systems and tightly into an application or service. In doing so, ChurnZero (1) helps businesses understand how their customers use their product, (2) assesses their health and their likelihood to renew, and (3) gives the business the means to automate and personalize the customer experience through timely and relevant touchpoints, including in-app content.

ChurnZero customers find instant ROI as their customer success managers are immediately more productive and better informed and their customers are getting better just-in-time service from the automated playbooks.



What is ChurnZero?

This product is a Customer Success platform.

Where is ChurnZero’s Headquarters?

Washington, District of Columbia, United States

When was ChurnZero Founded?

ChurnZero was founded in 2015.

Who is the CEO of ChurnZero?

You Tsang

Is ChurnZero a Public or Private company?

ChurnZero is a private company.

How much money has ChurnZero raised?

ChurnZero has raised $34.5M.

What integrations does ChurnZero have?

ChurnZero has many integrations, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by ChurnZero?

High Technology, Human Resources, Financial Services

What are the secondary verticals supported by ChurnZero?


What is the average size of ChurnZero customers in terms of revenue?

Less than $10M in annual revenue

What is the average size of ChurnZero customers in terms of headcount?

Less than 50.

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