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What does Allego do?

Allego represents the next era of sales enablement. Our patented, complete, rep-centric platform ensures that sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to optimize team success in a virtual world. In place of traditional training and content enablement tactics – which are rapidly outdated and often ineffective – Allego empowers reps with the activated content they need to close deals faster, and the personalized coaching and learning they require for continuous improvement. And it all happens in the flow of their daily work. Whether it’s providing feedback to one another through asynchronous video, or enhancing their skills through AI-powered coaching and peer-to-peer collaboration, nearly 650,000 professionals are using Allego to revolutionize the way they onboard, train, collaborate and sell.

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What is Allego?

Allego represents the next era of sales enablement. Our patented, complete, rep-centric platform ensures that sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to optimize team success in a virtual world.

Where is Allego’s Headquarters?

Needham, Massachusetts, United States

When was Allego Founded?

Allego was founded in 2013

Who is the CEO of Allego?

Yuchun Lee is co-founder and CEO of Allego.

Is Allego a Public or Private company?

Allego is a privately held company.

How much money has Allego raised?

Allego has raised $32.5M.

What integrations does Allego have?

Allego’s out-of-the-box integrations with over 120+ tools across your tech stack drive higher performance and better adoption. Key categories of systems we integrate with include but are not limited to:

– CRM: Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot
– Marketing Automation: Marketo, Eloqua
– Cloud Communications: Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Slack, Teams
– Sales Engagement Platforms: Outreach, Salesloft, Yesware
– Learning Management Systems (LMS) or Learning Experience Platforms (LXP): TalentLMS, Edcast, Degreed, Cornerstone, Learningpool, Skillsoft, Watershed, Saba
– HRIS and Personnel Records Systems: Workday, ADP, SAP
– Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse: Tableau, Qlik, Power BI, MicroStrategy
– Email & Social Selling: Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Chrome

What are the Primary Verticals Supported by Allego?

Technology, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Manufacturing

What are the secondary verticals supported by Allego?

Construction, CPG

What is the average size of Allego customers in terms of revenue?

More than $1B

What is the average size of Allego customers in terms of headcount?

We focus on two primary market segments:

– Mid-Market: 100-4,999 employees
– Enterprise: 5,000+ employees

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Company Response to Our Questions

Why Buy?

Why do customers buy from you?

At Allego, our mission is to help sellers master, share, and use critical content and knowledge to win in an increasingly virtual world. The primary reason why customers choose Allego are:


  • Delivering peer-to-peer learning in the flow of work. We design enablement programs that support sellers in the moment of need right before the training is applied in a sales conversation. We revamp learning content to be accessible at the moment of need in bite-sized and more impactful video formats curated by peers and internal subject matter experts – ultimately driving up engagement and retention.


  • Creating rep-centric experiences for content adoption. Customers choose Allego because our platform is optimized to drive the adoption and usefulness of content for sales reps. We support three key types of content that are aligned to how reps consume content each and every day within their workflows: 
    • Marketing content: Key collateral, slide decks, and videos are needed to educate prospects throughout each stage of the process.
    • Just-in-time content: Reference materials reps need in a pinch.
    • Agile content: Peer knowledge and emerging insights from experts based on rapidly evolving market and competitive dynamics.
  • More visibility and utility of conversation intelligence. Allego customers drive higher quality conversations with full visibility into every call and the tools to quickly act on the insights powered by:
    • Faster consumption of intelligence. Allego search and showreels allow customers to condense thousands of hours of calls into key moments they care about. 
    • Better automation. Others claim to scale decision-making, but in reality, only 1% of calls get listened to. Allego’s AI Virtual Coach automates learning and coaching for our customers.
    • More coaching coverage. Allego Coaching-as-a-Service offers expert coaches who listen to calls and provide expert feedback one-on-one or in group settings.
When they go with a competitor, why do they make that choice?

In general, when a prospect decides to go with a competitor it is due to a lack of vertical expertise. Our primary focus is on the Technology, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Manufacturing sectors.

What makes you different from the other solutions?
  • Convenient and complete enablement platform with mobile-first design and patented video collaboration technology. Customers choose Allego for the convenience of one platform for all enablement needs that’s optimized for mobile devices – with video collaboration tools and digital sales rooms that drive engagement with buyers and sellers in an increasingly virtual world.



  • Best-in-class customer success team backed by the Mastering Virtual Selling method. Our customer success team has a proven track record and decades of experience helping sales enablement teams succeed by driving ongoing engagement and adoption. The principles outlined in Mastering Virtual Selling are unique to Allego and are part of ongoing engagements with our customers to ensure teams are ready for virtual selling success. 

DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)

What is the business doing to improve DEIB in the organization, from front-line to executive table to board room?

At Allego, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are an integral part of our Operating Principles and how we ensure all of our employees experience success and a sense of belonging at work. We believe that our workforce should reflect the vast diversity of the communities we serve, and that diverse voices should be elevated because different perspectives are fundamental to how we find the truth, solve problems, and learn & grow.

We believe a sustainable commitment to DEIB requires a “must-learn” approach and that embracing the opportunity to expand our awareness and re-examine our own beliefs, as a company and as individuals, will make us all better. We’ve done this by using our own platform for asynchronous learning. Additionally, we believe being an inclusive company starts at the top but is the responsibility of all; therefore, we’ve engaged in workshops at all levels of the company focused on building an inclusive environment. By creating an inclusive culture we’re able to excel because of our differences.

Trust Enablement Analysis

How did Allego’s Product Do for Content Reporting?

Allego achieved a rating of “Level 3: Informative” based upon the index, meaning:

  • Can tie content usage to a specific account/deal/stage and provide revenue attribution to its usage.
  • May be able to measure the impact of content on:
    • Deal stage velocity
    • Deal stage exit %
    • Overall Deal Velocity
    • Win Rate
  • Can identify what content is never being used in deals.


Allego Acquisitions

  • December 2020 – Refract – Sales Conversation Analysis

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