DACH Enablement – Where are we coming from?

An overview of DACH EnablementIn the inaugural episode of our podcast in the DACH region, we look at DACH Enablement with Britta Lorenz and Benjamin Strathmann, who share their thoughts.

Benjamin shares his journey into Enablement, his view on its status in DACH Enablement, his love of German wine, and a few tips and tips for deploying Enablement successfully into your organization.

  • Upper-level Management must support Enablement.
  • Have a clear roadmap for what to implement and when. Benjamin recommends beginning with training and coaching services before moving on to content services.
  • Have transparent and robust communication between sales, leadership, and Enablement.
  • Work with OKRs (Objective and Key Results) as a framework to stay focused on critical priorities.
  • Maintain a holistic view of how to best help the business and prioritize work.

Give a listen to the podcast, recorded on November 1st, 2020.