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Americas Participant – Petek Hawkins – Q4 2022

Americas Participant – Q4 2022

Petek Hawkins

Petek Hawkins

Head Of Enablement

Petek Hawkins is a highly accomplished Revenue Strategy and Enablement Leader who bridges the gap between business strategy and customer outcomes to drive revenue.

She focuses on agile strategy with intelligently designed data-driven and scalable programs that drive the exceptional success of multiple hyper-growth global SaaS companies such as Zoom, Fivetran, and Melio. 

Her GTM background and revenue motion expertise are key to creating experiences that drive individuals to drive the ultimate customer outcomes and grow their careers as individual contributors and leaders to achieve their best version.  Career coaching and consultation for seed funding to Series D companies for their revenue, enablement strategy, and programs are her passion.

Her motto is: Simplify, Standardize, Scale.

What Session is Petek Leading?

We are finalizing that right now.  She has two great ideas for incredibly valuable sessions, and we are narrowing those down.


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