ahrefs – Everything You Need To Know Now (2022)

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What does ahrefs do?

Ahrefs is a software company that develops online SEO tools and free educational materials for marketing professionals.

Ahrefs all-in-one SEO toolset can help you with:

– Competitor research: unveil your competitor’s organic keywords, backlink strategies and PPC keywords
– Link Building: find the strongest backlink opportunities in your niche
– Keyword Research: get maximum relevant keyword ideas and see how hard it would be to rank
– Website Audit: find what SEO issues your website has and learn how to fix them
– Content Research: discover the most popular content on any topic and find the best ideas for your own content
– Rank Tracking: track your search rankings along with your competitors’
– Mentions Monitoring: get email alerts every time you or your brand in mentioned online.

Ahrefs database has over 11 billion keywords and more than 400 billion indexed pages. That is why Ahrefs is able to provide maximum data accuracy to its users.



What is ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a software company that develops online SEO tools and free educational materials for marketing professionals.

Where is ahref’s Headquarters?

Singapore, Central Region, Singapore

When was ahrefs Founded?

ahrefs was founded in 2010

Who is the CEO of ahrefs?

Dmytro Gerasymenko

Is ahrefs a Public or Private company?

ahrefs is a privately held company.

How much is ahrefs?

Full pricing details are listed at the bottom of our article. However, paid versions range in price from $99/month to $999/month.

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  • Hands down the best overall SEO tool on the market.




All plans come with 1 power user with up to 500 reports.

Note:  If you pay annually you receive 2 months free.

  • $99/month
  • Tracking of 750 keywords.
  • 5 Keyword lists.
  • Keyword and site explorer.
  • Rank tracker.
  • $199/month
  • Tracking of 2000 keywords.
  • 50 Keyword lists.
  • All SERP updates are live, not cached.
  • Site explore points out broken backlinks, keyword gaps, link intersects.
  • $399/month
  • Tracking of 5000 keywords.
  • 100 Keyword lists.
  • $999/month
  • Tracking of 10000 keywords.
  • 250 Keyword lists.

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