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Adzooma Review – Everything You Need To Know

Adzooma is a FREE AI-powered, intelligent platform that can help you manage, optimize, and automate your online advertising.

After analyzing over 240 metrics across your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft campaigns, you may make adjustments with just a few clicks.

Yes – there is a paid option too, and you will want to use it if you are a mid-to-large business, but small business owners will probably never need to upgrade.

Let’s take a look at Adzooma by reviewing our account.

Note:  Adzooma is Premier Google Ads Partner, an Elite Microsoft Ads Partner, and a Facebook Business Partner.  They are the real deal.

Which Version Should You Use?

Anyone running digital ads should use Adzooma.

Agencies and teams running more than 2-3 ad campaigns simultaneously should use the Plus plan; others can use the Free Essentials plan.

Brief Video Walkthrough

Video created with Loom.


Getting started with Adzooma

Use our link to register (yes, we will receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you sign up with it — learn more).

You’ll be taken to a page like this — simply click on the “Get Started” to start your FREE account.

And the deal right now is incredible:

  • Register for Adzoom for free.
  • Spend $25 on Microsoft ads.
  • You will get $125 in your Microsoft ads account to invest in your digital advertising efforts.

You’ll be taken into your account, where the product helps walk you through the initial setup.

I have already set up Google Ads, so it no longer shows me that, but you can see on the right how Adzooma guides you through the most important activities, including:

  • Setting up my Google, Microsoft, and Facebook ad accounts.
  • Creating the necessary webmaster and search accounts and connecting to them.
  • And so on.

You shouldn’t worry about doing everything at the beginning.

If you are taking advantage of the Microsoft ads deal, start by getting your new ads account up and running.

If you are not using that offer, connect to whatever ad platform you use.

As we move down the home screen, we are presented with our existing accounts.  I have a test ad account setup, which you can see here.

As you can see in my image above:

  • Adzooma has identified 8 opportunities for improvement.  We’ll explore those in a second.
  • I have a truly horrible PPC score of 20.  We can drill into that information — and will in a few moments.
  • Beyond those pieces, the information you would expect to find, from impressions through conversion values, are all visible.

Adzooma becomes more powerful as you feed it more data, so let’s walk through adding another ad account, this time I’ll add Microsoft Ads by clicking on the blue Add Account bottom visible in the image above.

When you choose Add Account, you are asked if you want to add a Google, Microsoft, or Facebook ads account.

I’ll choose Facebook, but the general flow is the same between all account types.

You have to enter your credentials (if not already logged in), grant AdZooma access, and then you are returned to Adzooma.

Opportunities to Improve

We will click on the 8 opportunities link to learn what opportunities Adzooma has presented, let’s see.

We are informed of 6 best practice improvements and 2 improvements to avoid wasting money.  

Let’s explore the Reduce Wasted Spend ideas.

Given this is a test account, my hopes are not high for major improvements, but we will click on the Enable Ad Scheduling idea and we see:

Unfortunately, the suggestion here, if I click on details, is to change the time my ads run to align with my store hours.  Since I’m not running a physical location, and want ads running 24x7x365, I’ll simply click on Ignore for these two options.

Let’s look at the best practices being suggested.

I’ll ignore the location targeting suggestion.  I am only serving ads in a couple of countries in this test, and would not display them more broadly without first setting up a system like Clickcease to protect my revenue from click fraud from bots and large-scale click farms.

The other suggestions are really good, let’s look at each.

Add Callout Extension

I love Surfer SEO and we use it for all SEO work on Trust Enablement.  This ad we are running doesn’t use any callout extensions, but should.

Adzooma does a really nice job of demonstrating what a callout extension is and letting me set them.

I added a couple of callouts, SEO Agency Replacement, and Free Trial then chose to Add to Queue. 

Add Structured Snippet

I’ll add the four recommended Structured Snippets and add them to the queue as well.

Now, on the Opportunities screen, click on Apply All.

Adzooma now applies the changes and we’ll monitor ad performance over the next few days to see if they improve our results.

Our PPC Score

Let’s jump back to the home screen where we will evaluate web metrics, SEO, and PPC scores.  I haven’t connected the search console or analytics yet, so let’s just look at the PPC score based on our Google ads setup.

Click on the View My PPC Report button.

The report shows the reasons for my low score and how to fix the challenges.

The Paid Ads Section

Let’s click into the Paid Ads menu at the top of the screen.


You can view the overview information about your ads, and can also decide to turn on Autopilot if desired.

What’s AutoPilot?

AutoPilot enables Adzooma to more proactively alert you about problems with your ads.  

This is the same as the automation section (below).


The management screen shows all running ads.


The opportunities page is the same as we walked through above.


Let’s take a look at the Automation Screen which shows the Rules enabled by AutoPilot 

Adzooma Automation Rules Screen

These are the default AutoPilot rules, which I’ve paused.  They are a set of alerts to ensure you are aware of what’s happening with your ads and able to quickly make adjustments.

From here you can create a new rule, either based on prebuilt templates (if you are using the Plus plan) or from scratch.

We’ll add more information about building rules in the near future.


There are 7 reports that come with Adzooma and you can create your own custom report as well.

We’ll add more details soon about using the various reports.

Agencies Will Love This

You can let Adzooma manage the manual tasks while you focus on strategy and tactics.

Reports are all white-labeled so your clients never have to know you are using other tools.

The Proposal Builder

The Adzooma Proposal Builder is a secret weapon for agencies and solopreneurs selling digital advertising services.  Proposal Builder:

  • Spins up ad accounts quickly.
  • Generates ads at a rapid pace.

At a price under $300/month, it frees up massive amounts of time and is a must-have for anyone providing these services to more than a couple of clients at a time.

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What is Adzooma

The all-in-one digital marketing platform that helps businesses of any size grow by making online marketing simple.
Advertising Services

Where is Adzooma’s Headquarters?

Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom

When was Adzooma founded?





Adzooma has two pricing plans.  Essentials is Free, and Plus is $99/month.

  • Monitor and track your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads all in one place
  • Optimizations that help you improve your campaign for better results
  • Automated rules that streamline tasks and cut hours of manual work
  • Campaign Performance Reports tracking your spend

All in Essentials, plus:

  • Listings & Reviews Management for your business
  • Premium Opportunities, including landing page analysis and bid adjustments
  • 81 additional automation templates to save you time and money
  • Advanced SEO insights show you how your website is performing
  • Dedicated Account Management – we’re with you every step of the way!

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