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Improving Sales Performance with Enablement Recruiting, Consulting, Outsourcing, Coaching, and Insights on Strategies, Tactics, and Tools Review – AI-Generated Ads in a Flash is a new generation of AI software focused on helping businesses scale their digital advertising efforts by eliminating one of the primary bottlenecks – advertising creative generation.

The company claims it can increase conversion rates up to 14x, which is a statistic that makes the product worth evaluating.

And the 7-day free trial gives you enough time to perform your evaluation and see if it is suitable for your needs.

Who Should Buy

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Content Agencies
  • Paid Advertising Agencies.

Walkthrough by AdCreative Founder

Key Features

In the words of the team, this is what the tool does:

  • With our AI Designer, you can instantly design many beautiful creatives for your ads. (Image the time saved by design and marketing teams).
  • You can write your ad copies like a professional copywriter with our AI Text Generator. (Think of writers out there suffering from writer’s block working on multiple projects!)
  • You can create captivating social media posts using our AI Designer and Text Generator for more engagement. (Now marketing teams can generate those Father’s day posts in a zippy without bothering their design teams).
  • Pro advertisers can now check out ‘Creative Insights,’ which takes the guesswork out of your ad creative performance. It gives you advanced analytics that helps you and our Ai make informed decisions. (Many of our users are progressive Marketing Agencies that use advanced tools).
  • Our tool is huge on collaborations. You can collaborate with your entire team and work on projects simultaneously! (Allowing people to team up makes an organization more productive and work more effectively).

Our Review and Walkthrough

For this walkthrough, we set up a new account.    Use the “I want my account” to register and you’ll see a screen along these lines.

AdCreative Brand Setup Screen

Set up your account with the appropriate brand information, connect to the ad accounts, and we are off to the races.

With your brand configured, navigate to Creative Projects, and let’s configure our first ads using the solution.

AdCreative New Creative Screen

Now, click on the large “Create a Project” button in the upper right corner.

We see the project creation screen, where we can set the ad sizing and overview information.

Create Project Screen

For this review and walkthrough, we will stick with Post Size, and add our description and target audience.

Choose Save and Continue, then we start to get into the real fun.

AdCreative, set text, screen

Click on Text AI, where you are first asked to select if you want the text to be in English, Spanish, or French.

Each time you click on this button, AdCreative will generate the next text for your ad.

We’ll stick with this output.

AdCreative Text Output

We can upload our image on the next screen or use the image search engine.  And now, as of October 2022, you can bulk upload images.

For this, let’s use the image search, where we type in what we are looking for and allow to give us options.

AdCreative Image Search Engine

We then use one of the images and save our project.

AdCreative gets to work and generates dozens of options for us.

AdCreative generates tons of options

We spotlight six options we really love, and click on Download, like this.

Download from AdCreative

You could push to Google or Facebook directly, download all options, edit the images at once, and so on.

For this, we will download six items and not push them directly to our ad accounts.

Manually, we go over to our Google Ad Account and set up a new display ad pushing to our AdCreative landing page.

The images we selected are added to the Google Ads account.

Google Ads Display Advertising

We will throw a $20/day budget with these display ads — let’s see how they do.

Product Updates

October 2022: AdCreative can now be purchased with a white-label option, providing agencies with a solution they can sell under their own brand.

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What is

Give your business an unfair advantage with creatives/banners generated by highly trained Artificial Intelligence.

Where is’s Headquarters?

Paris, France

Who is the CEO of

Tufan Gok

Images Review – Pricing has two pricing categories, Startups, and Professionals.

Startups Startup Pricing Options

Professionals Professional Pricing Options

Example Created in Our Testing

Our video walkthrough, at the top of this profile, shows us using the product to create a few example ads.  Here are a handful of those images.

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